Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 998

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Chapter 998: Coronation

The coronation grand ceremony was held in front of the West Chu Country ancestral temple.

The West Chu Country had lasted for several hundred years and almost every generation of emperor would fix the ancestral temple.  This made the ancestral temple even more beautiful than the royal palace.

Mo Chuan had already led the ministers to the ancestral temple and now they were just waiting for the empress to arrive.

There was a red carpet placed on the path from the royal palace to the ancestral temple.  The imperial guards were in full armour, guarding both sides of the path. It was like a long red dragon with an overbearing aura that people couldn’t look directly at.

The citizens could only watch in the distance, they couldn’t approach at all.

A bright yellow carriage appeared in the distance, filling everyone with excitement.  This was the carriage specially used by the empress.

In front of this phoenix motif carriage, there were imperial guards in full armour.  The sunlight sparkled off their armour.

Finally, the imperial guards escorted carriage to the foot of the ancestral temple.

The ministers all held their breath as they looked at the carriage without turning.

They were all very curious about what the new empress the emperor married looked like.  

According to the people who had seen her, they said that she was ugly and crippled.  They had all seen how she was crippled on the wedding day, but just how ugly was she?

The curtain of the carriage was slowly drawn back and a figure wearing a purple gold phoenix robe stepped out of the carriage.

Because they were too far, the ministers could only see the noble and elegant figure, but they couldn’t see her face.

But the instant Mo Chuan saw her, his eyes lit up and he was filled with excitement.  He stood high on the jade steps and looked straight forward.

With the help of the servants, the graceful figure stepped onto the red carpet and walked onto the stage step by step.

Her dress had many beautiful layers.  Each step was like a lotus blooming at her feet.

Everyone looked down at her and could only see her black hair floating like clouds in the wind.  There was only a single solemn looking phoenix hairpin with a bright pearl placed inside the phoenix’s mouth, sparkling in the light, looking like it was real.

Chen Ning slowly ascended the stairs and slightly raised her chin.  She had a serious face as her clear eyes looked straight forward. There was a faint breeze that blew back her clothes, making her look like an immortal, one too bright to look at.

The ministers all looked at her in a daze as they all revealed looks of disbelief.

The hundreds of people at the ancestral temple were silent and even a pin being dropped could be heard.

After a while, there was suddenly the sound of cold breaths, as well as faint whispers.

“Who is she?”

“Are you confused!  Of course she is our empress!”

“Is there something wrong with my eyes, did I make a mistake?  I actually though the empress was the Ding Yuan Princess?”

“There’s something wrong with my eyes as well…..Impossible, this is impossible…..”

“Yi, her leg isn’t lame.  She…..Just who is she?”

“She couldn’t really be the Ding Yuan Princess, right?”

“No, no, didn’t the Ding Yuan Princess go to East Qin to become the crown princess?”

“Could it be there are two people who are exactly the same in this world?”

“That is even more impossible!  A girl that has her beauty and aura, I’ve only seen one like her in this life!”

The ministers were completely shocked.  They couldn’t help whispering in low voices at the solemn ancestral temple.

Mo Chuan had deep inner strength, so he could hear all the discussions of the ministers, but he acted like he heard nothing.

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