Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 996

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Chapter 996: Let him regret it in the next, next life

After the cream was applied, Mo Chuan felt a wave of coolness come over his burning wound, but it was far from being able to compare to the comfort her words brought to his heart.

“These wounds only look shocking, they don’t hurt one bit, really they don’t hurt.  That’s right, Ning’er, mother has agreed to us being together. She won’t make it hard for you or force me to leave you anymore.”  Mo Chuan’s eyes sparkled with a joyful glow.

“Really?  What method did you use to make the Empress Dowager agree?  You didn’t use the method of killing yourself, right?”

Her hand helping him apply the cream slightly trembled as she looked up at him.

Actually she already guessed the ending.  Even if Empress Dowager Zhou was a coldhearted person, in this world, the person she loved the most was Mo Chuan and the person she cared about the most was also Mo Chuan.

Mo Chuan gave a soft laugh and nodded.  He told the matter of Empress Dowager Zhou using the poisonous wine to try to force him, but how he stole the wine and drank it first to her.

“I only wanted to scare mother and then use my internal strength to force the wine out, but I never thought it was a bottle of aged vinegar.  This Su Jin, she was really smart and quick witted, no wonder she was mother’s most trusted person after all these years. Speaking of this matter, it is also partly because of her contribution.”

Chen Ning couldn’t help glaring at him, “Mo Chuan, if it wasn’t vinegar and was really poisonous wine, would you still drink it without any hesitation?”

“I would.”

“You really are a fool.”

“If I die, would you go with me?”  He looked at her.

“I wouldn’t.”  She shook her head.

Mo Chuan’s eyes popped out and he looked at her in disbelief.

“Say that again?”  His voice became hoarse.

“I wouldn’t.”  She looked at him and clearly said, “I won’t die with you.  If you die, I’ll go to East Qin to find Na Mu Cuo and become his princess.  He said that he would always wait for me.”

Mo Chuan glared at her and in that instant, he really wanted to kill her!

Could she not say such angering things!

“Mo Chuan, are you angry?”  She looked at his black as a pot face.

Nonsense.  He was a man, how could he not be angry hearing this!

He gave a snort and turned away, not looking at her.  He suddenly felt his wounds beginning to hurt again.

“You’re jealous, aren’t you?  Hearing that I would marry another man made you jealous, no wonder you were angry enough to drink a bottom of vinegar, hee, hee.”  She still pursed her lips into a smile.

[TL Note: Being jealous is eating vinegar in chinese]

Mo Chuan’s stomach was about to explode with anger.

She turned back to him and looked into his eyes as she honestly said, “So, if you don’t want to be jealous and don’t want me to marry another man, you have to live properly!  You aren’t allowed to die! You have to be with me for an entire life, we’ve already agreed on it! We have to grow old together, love and respect each other! If you dare go back on your promise, I will marry someone else!  I’ll let you regret it in your next life and your next, next life!”

The anger in Mo Chuan’s chest all flew away and it was replaced with a deep sweet feeling.

She could send him to hell and to heaven with just a single word, she could make him feel like he was floating in the clouds.

“This girl, if you dare marry someone else, I won’t let you go in the next life or the next, next life!”

He grabbed her waist and pulled her into his embrace before lowering his head to forcefully kiss her.

Her lips were sweet, but the words she said filled him with love and hate.  He really wanted to eat her up bite by bite.

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