Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 995

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Chapter 995: Can’t bear how good he is

Chen Ning suddenly saw a swollen red mark on his chest and was instantly stunned.

Could it be from her hitting him?

She reached out to pull open his clothes which scared Mo Chuan.

“Ning’er, what are you doing?  Doctor Zhang has said that we can’t…..can’t be intimate.”

He grabbed her hands and his heart was beating fast as his face slightly blushed.  He also couldn’t help being a bit proud in his heart. He never thought that she would take the initiative, it was just too bad he wasn’t lucky enough to enjoy it.

Chen Ning’s face was also red as she angrily said, “What nonsense are you talking about, who wants to be intimate with you?  Let me see your body.”

Mo Chuan’s face turned red to his ears and he grabbed her hand, not letting her move as he said, “Ning’er, stop playing.”

She actually said she wanted to see his body, she was too bold!

This kind of bold and wild words, he was even too embarrassed to say it.

“Let me go, I have to see it.”

The more Mo Chuan didn’t let her see, the more suspicious Chen Ning became.  She kept looking at his opened clothes and moving closer, she could clearly see a swollen wound that was purple and green.

“Mo Chuan, how was your chest wounded?  Was it the Empress Dowager hitting you? Does she…..know about me?  She hit you this hard, is it very painful?”

Chen Ning’s mind turned and already guessed why he had this wound.  With Mo Chuan’s martial arts, if he didn’t want to, there was no one that could leave a mark on his body.  The people that could hurt him, there was no one else but Empress Dowager Zhou.

Her heart suddenly filled with pain for him.

He was injured, but he bore with it until now, not telling her a single word.

Mo Chuan knew that she wanted to see his body because she noticed that he was injured.  So it was a mistake on his part.

He let go of her hand and closed his clothes as he said with a faint smile, “It doesn’t hurt at al.  Hits from mother’s cane do nothing more than tickle.”

“Can it tickle to the point of bleeding?  Your wounds are all bruised, they are all swollen.  Mo Chuan, quickly take some medicine. I remember that you had some good blood circulation cream, I’ll help you apply it.”

“This little wound is really nothing…..”  Mo Chuan didn’t want to let her see his wound.  Empress Dowager Zhou didn’t hold back yesterday and he didn’t use internal energy to block it, so the cane had hit him quite hard.  Just by softly touching it, there was a burning pain that came from his wound.

“No, you must put medicine on.”  She firmly said.

Mo Chuan was helpless and could only give the blood circulation cream to her.

“Will you do it yourself or should I help you?”  She asked simply.

Mo Chuan’s face couldn’t help turning red.  He looked at her and said through gritted teeth, “You help me then.”

“Alright.”  Chen Ning didn’t even think about it.  She already wanted to apply the medicine for him, so she directly reached out to help him take off his clothes.

Seeing the wounds on his chest and his back, she couldn’t help taking a cold breath.

“Why did the Empress Dowager hit this hard?  She must have been very angry, right? Mo Chuan, she was clearly angry at me and these injuries were all taken because of me, yet you didn’t say a single word.”

Her voice was low as she took the cream and softly applied it to his wounds.

She was touched and hurt, it was hard to describe what she was feeling.  Seeing the wounds on him, it could be imagined just how angry Empress Dowager Zhou was!

But this man, he chose to bear it all, pretending like nothing was wrong.  He carefully protected her like this, she felt that she almost couldn’t bear how good he was to her.

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