Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 98

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Chapter 98: Bragging tone

Xiao Ru bit her lips until blood came out.  She reached out and pushed Chen Ning out of the way.  She was crying as she shouted.

“You, you, you……You better keep your word.  If I, I, I stay here, you have to let my young miss leave.  Young miss, leave now, leave now!  This servant does not matter as long as the young miss can safely get away.”

“Xiao Ru, I won’t leave you here.  We will be leaving together!”

Chen Ning had made her choice and she rolled up her sleeve as she prepared to fight.

“Alright!  Then you can stay here together.  Although your face isn’t that great, your body is quite good.  It’s very curvy and much better than that young little girl.  This boss will just close his eyes while playing with you.  After blowing out the lamp, all girls are the same!”  The pockmarked man stared at Chen Ning and then revealed a lewd smile.

All the ruffians began to laugh as the surrounded Chen Ning and Xiao Ru.  They were whistling and laughing with one another.

Xiao Ru’s face turned red.  Since she was young until now, she had never heard such obscene language.

Her little fist clenched together.  She really wanted to knock out that pockmarked man’s teeth with a single punch.

Chen Ning’s eyes turned cold as she looked at that pockmarked face, “Stop talking so arrogantly from up there, I’m not afraid of your bragging.  If you are really a man, then come down here and fight me!”

“Alright, I’ll fight since you want one.  Father isn’t afraid of a weak little girl like you!”

The pockmarked man revealed a relaxed smile.  How could he care about a little girl like Chen Ning?  Especially with all his subordinates here, if he didn’t go down and fight her, he would be considered a laughingstock!

He jumped down and his feet landed on the ground, then he prepared to brag some more.

Chen Ning was waiting for the moment he jumped off the wall.  The moment he tried to talk, she went forward and punched him.

With a “peng” sound, she perfectly hit the pockmarked man right in the nose.

How could the pockmarked man anticipate that Chen Ning would attack so quickly.  He didn’t even have time to react before this punch made his nose sore.  He couldn’t stop the tears flowing from his eyes.

“Ze, ze, ze, truly a good for nothing.  Crying just from being hit in the nose.  Alright, alright, big sister won’t hit you anymore.”

Chen Ning gave a ze sound while shaking her hand, her voice was filled with a mocking tone.

Her taunt was even more shameful than the punch to the pockmarked man.

He was thoroughly enraged as he angrily shouted, “Stupid girl, you’re seeking death….”


Before he could finish, Chen Ning’s fist had already landed on his right cheek.  This one punch was stronger compared to before and he felt something extra appear in his mouth.  He spat it out and saw that there was actually a few white shining teeth covered in blood on the ground.

“Stupid girl, you actually dare to hit your master…..”

“Peng!”  Another heavy fist landed on his left cheek and he spat out a few more teeth.

At this time, the pockmarked man had already turned into a pig head.  His head was buzzing and he was swaying as he tried to stand.

Chen Ning did not stop.  She kicked out and sent the pockmarked man onto the ground.  Then she jumped at him and continuously sent punches into the pockmarked man’s face.

“Peng, peng, peng, peng, peng!”

“Ai, ai, ai, aiyo!”

The pockmarked man was calling out in pain at first, but soon those cries faded away.

His face had already changed beyond recognition.  His nose was covered in blood and his eyes was covered in black rings.  He had no teeth left in his mouth and his lips were completely swollen.

Chen Ning had hated how shameless and dirty he was, so she had no mercy at all.

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