Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 99

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Chapter 99: Handsome, cool, and ruthless

Those ruffians were completely intimidated by Chen Ning’s brutal attack, especially after seeing the pockmarked man’s face.  They all sucked in a cold breath and looked at Chen Ning with a strange gaze.

God, is this still a woman!

This was simply an evil goddess!

Who dared to provoke this kind of girl!

Xiao Ru was completely filled with excitement as she waved her small fist and cheered on from the side.

“Use more strength, good hit!  Young miss, use a bit more force!”

She was shouting while kicking the pockmarked man’s butt a few times.

Chen Ning exhaled and stood up.  Her fist hands were sore from hitting him.

He was completely swollen from being beaten.  He had already been hit to the point where even his grandmother would not recognize him.

“You guys……You guys are all dead, why are you not attacking for father!  Beat these two girls to death!”

The pockmarked man had been beaten senseless by Chen Ning and just laid there paralyzed, but he suddenly roared out with his toothless mouth.

The ruffians finally reacted and they all revealed a fierce face as they moved step by step closer to Chen Ning and Xiao Ru.

The pockmarked man’s face was a reminder that they all understood.

There was only one girl and no matter how fierce she was, there was still this many of them.  They had nothing to fear!

“Stop!  If you move another step forward, I will take his life!”

Chen Ning gripped the pockmarked man’s throat with one hand.  A dark glow flashed in her eyes as she spoke in cold voice.

Who would have thought that this move would have no use.

“Alright, if you kill our boss, then I’ll get to be the boss.  Brothers, get them together!”  A ruffian roared out as he waved his hand and everyone charged forward.


Chen Ning could not help cursing her own mistakes.  These ruffians were not the same as the king’s palace’s Mother Lin, they didn’t care if this pockmarked man lived or died.

Seeing all the people charging forward, she would not be their match even with three heads and six arms.

At this dangerous moment, a human figure suddenly fell down from the sky.  The tall and straight body was just like a pine tree, standing guard right in front of her.

“Who dares to make a move against her!”

The black clothed man spoke in a cold voice as his freezing gaze swept across the ruffians.

All the ruffians felt a chill run down their spines and they couldn’t help shivering.

Who was this man?  How terrifying!

They who only knew how to bully others were all frozen by the black clothed man’s killing intent.  Their hearts were beating like drums.

“What is there to be afraid of!  He is only one person.  Brothers, charge forward!”  He clearly had no eyes and did not understand life or death.  He just loudly shouted and waved his large stick as he charged forward.

The black clothed man did not even look at the riff raff in front of him.  Without making a move other than just gently waving his sleeve, the stick wielding ruffian suddenly seemed like he had been heavily hit by something.  He flew through the air as blood sprayed from his mouth.  When he landed on the ground, he twitched a few times before he stopped moving.




Chen Ning couldn’t help praising him these three words in her mind.

She was very clear that it was this black clothed man that fell from the clouds that save them from danger.  In this kind of dangerous era where safety isn’t guaranteed, she was deeply awed by this black clothed man’s incredible martial arts.

This kind of martial arts was truly like the extreme martial arts masters described in books.  They could kill the enemy without making a single move.

“Mur……Murder!  Someone’s dead!”

“Run……Everyone quickly run away!”

All the ruffians were terrified by the black clothed man’s one move and they all turned around to run away, they really wished their mothers and fathers had given them a few more legs.  In a blink of an eye, they were all gone without a trace.

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