Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 96

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Chapter 96: No possible escape

Chen Ning gave a faint smile and said, “Was the thing you lost shaped like a cube?”

The scribe’s body trembled and his face filled with an excited expression.  He rushed back to the table and almost flipped the table over.

“That’s right, that’s right, that’s completely right.  It was shaped like a cube.  Divine fortune telling girl, can you divine where that thing is now?”  He anxiously asked.

Chen Ning did not reply and just continued to ask, “Do you have a well in your home?”

“Yes, yes, there is a well.”  The scribe swallowed his saliva and heavily nodded.  His face was covered with a look of amazement.

“If my calculations are not wrong, the thing you’re looking for should be at the bottom of the well.  If you just drain the water in the well, you should be able to get to the bottom.”

“Are, are you sure?”  The scribe had an expression like he didn’t dare believe as he just stared at Chen Ning.

“It is only something I’ve calculated and not something that’s 100% guaranteed.”  Chen Ning told him the truth.

She only used her reasoning and did not divine this.

The scribe seemed like he was in disbelief as he continued murmuring to himself, “It’s at the bottom of the well?  Impossible, how could it be at the bottom of the well?”

Suddenly, without know what he was thinking, he revealed a look of joy on his face.  He pushed his way through the crowd and ran as fast as he could.

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t run, stand still!  You still haven’t paid yet!”

The scribe looked very gentle, but he ran incredibly fast.  In the blink of an eye, he had already disappeared from the end of the street.

Xiao Ru chased for a few steps, but she could not catch up to him.  She could only angrily look in the direction he ran off in and angrily stomp her foot.

“Young miss, that fellow really is like a dog.  I never thought that he would be someone who wouldn’t pay after getting his fortune told.  It really is enraging!”  She angrily shouted.

“It’s fine, I wasn’t certain about this one either.  We’ll just treat this as a gift for him.”

Chen Ning revealed a smile that showed she didn’t mind it.  Then she turned to the oppressive crowd and cupped her hands.

“We’ll end here today.  If everyone wants their fortune told, please come back tomorrow.”

After she finished speaking, she went with Xiao Ru to return the rented table back to the woodwork shop.

The people who had been watching the whole time followed her.  They all praised her and discussed with one another as they followed her.

Chen Ning turned around and saw the long line following behind her and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

If she knew that it would become this popular, she wouldn’t have set up a fortune telling stall.

If this continued, very quickly she would become a celebrity in the capital city.

People were afraid of fame and pigs were afraid of strength.  Becoming famous was not a good thing.

If someone saw through her disguise one day and recognized her as the princess of the King Ding Yuan Palace, that would be a very bad situation.

Chen Ning rubbed her chin and began to think of another way to earn money.

She pulled Xiao Ru and began walking faster.  Turning east, then west, and finally arriving at a small alley with only a few people present.

Finally they turned into an alley with no one around.  Other than her and Xiao Ru, there was not a single person here.

After getting rid of the large group following her, Chen Ning leaned against the wall and let out a long sigh of relief.

Who would have thought that before she could catch her breath, she heard an ill intentioned voice ring out from behind her.

“Little girls, running so fast, are you that anxious to give this master your money?”

Chen Ning suddenly raised her head and saw a thirty year old man standing on the wall.  He had a pockmarked face that looked very ugly which made him look very fierce.

The pockmarked man snapped his finger and dozens of people appeared from both ends of the alley.  They were all dressed in the same way which made them look like ruffians.

They blocked both ends of the alleyway, completely trapping Chen Ning and Xiao Ru inside with no possible method of escaping.

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