Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: Want to help but can’t help

He had not blinked an eye to spend five hundred silver coins to buy the last piece of paper.

After sitting down, Chen Ning asked him if he wanted his fortune told with words or appearances.  He thought for a bit and said, “I’ll use words.”  His voice was low, but it was filled with power.

He thought for a bit and then wrote down the word “return”.  Then he returned the paper back to Chen Ning.

His strokes were powerful and smooth.  When Chen Ning looked at it, she asked, “What do you want calculated?”

The scribe said, “I have a thing that I can’t find no matter how hard I search.  I want you to calculate where this thing is and when it will return to my side.  Can divine fortune telling girl calculate this?”

Chen Ning couldn’t help being a little surprised as she asked, “What is this thing?”

The scribe just slightly shook his head and did not answer.

Chen Ning knew that this thing must be hard to talk about.  In front of this crowd, he had no way of talking about it.

But the way he was acting, the scribe was giving Chen Ning quite a bit of trouble.

She was not an immortal of heaven.  If she could calculate where this missing thing was that would be too incredible.  Moreover, she did not even know what this missing thing was.

Once Xiao Si heard this, he could not hold himself back as he shouted, “Hey, aren’t you clearly making it hard for others?  She isn’t a part of your family and you should go search for the thing you lost at your own home.  Can this even be calculated?”

When he began to speak, many people around him began to agree with him.

“This little brother is right.”

“This is just making things difficult, you shouldn’t pay any attention to him divine fortune telling girl.”

“That’s right, you should go home and search for what you’ve lost!”

The crowd began to shout, telling the scribe to leave.

The scribe ignored everyone ridiculing him and only looked at Chen Ning.  He said with a serious expression, “I know this matter is a little hard, so coming to ask this miss to calculate it was only to test my luck.  If miss cannot calculate this, then it can only be considered heaven’s will, ai.”

She originally thought that this person was just trying to cause trouble, but now looking at the way the scribe acted, she realized that this wasn’t the case.

He should have run into some trouble and was desperate, that’s why he came to a fortune teller.

She wanted to help him, but she couldn’t do anything.  If she could even calculate this, she really would be an immortal from heaven.

She gave an apologetic smile, “I’m truly sorry, but I can’t divine this for you.”

The scribe still had a trace of hope in his eyes, but once he heard what Chen Ning said, the glow in his eyes disappeared.

“It was my fault for disturbing miss.”

He gave a sigh and stood up.  His sleeves moved with him and hit the corner of the table.  With a “ding dong” sound, a rattle drum fell out of his sleeve.

He turned around and gently picked up the rattle drum up.  He tenderly brushed the dust off the rattle drum and lovingly placed it back into his sleeve, then he turned to leave.  

Seeing this scene, Chen Ning’s eyes sparkled as if her heart had been touched.

She looked down right at the scribe’s “return” word and her two beautiful eyebrows slightly knit together.

“Please wait a minute!”

The scribe turned around and looked at Chen Ning with a puzzled gaze, “Is there something miss needs?”

Chen Ning’s eyes flashed and her eyes lit up like autumn.  Her lips revealed a faint smile.  Although she had painted her face yellow, the smile on her face still relit the scribe’s hopes.

“Could it be……Miss has calculated something?”  He asked in a low voice.

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