Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: Heaven’s mysteries cannot be revealed

Although Chen Ning promised that within three days, the man surnamed Zhao would encounter this pleasant event, no one could be sure of this matter now.  But she had described everything about Zhao Er Gou perfectly just from reading his palm.  With just this one move, how could there be anyone left that was the slightest bit doubtful of her?

The crowd was suddenly filled with excitement.

“Divine fortune telling girl, I’ll willing to give you fifty silver coins, can you tell my fortune first?”

A pot bellied middle aged fat man walked out of the line and placed fifty silver coins right in front of Chen Ning.  This was a true rich man.

Chen Ning was stunned.  Before she could say anything, the crowd erupted with angry and dissatisfied voices.

“Hey fatty, what are you doing?  Are you showing off your money?”

“A little brat like you thinking you have money and want to compare figures?  Father here will give fifty silver coins more than you!”

“F*ck you, I will give an extra hundred!”

The order crowd soon turned chaotic.  Everyone came forward and surrounded the table, completely enveloping the table.

Chen Ning suddenly felt that it was hard to breathe.

The crowd continued to call out prices.

“One hundred fifty!”

“Two hundred!”

“Two hundred fifty!”


Their voices became louder and they were getting bolder as the money was increasing.  Their quarreling just made Chen Ning’s head ache more.  

Her face sank and it was once again covered in a layer of frost like usual.

“Everyone shut up for me!”

This one sentence she said was even more oppressive than the emperor’s decree.  The chaotic crowd instantly turned quiet.

Everyone instantly looked at her and their hearts filled with worry.

It seemed like this divine fortune telling girl was angry!

Chen Ning had no expression on her face and she did not even look at the crowd.  She picked up a piece of paper and ripped it into ten small pieces.  Then she picked up a pen and wrote the numbers one to ten on the pieces.

Everyone looked over at her, but they did not know what she was doing.

Chen Ning placed the pen down and then raised her head to sweep across the crowd with her eyes.  She slowly said, “There are some heavenly secrets that cannot be revealed, but the fortune teller’s job is to reveal those secrets.  I do not dare go against the will of the heavens otherwise I will naturally be cursed, so I can only tell the fortune of ten people.  There are ten pieces of paper here, so if you want me to divine your fortune, then grab a piece of paper.  For those without a piece, then please come back tomorrow.”

After she finished speaking, she placed the pieces of paper on the table.

Suddenly, countless hands stretched over.

“Ha, ha, I got it!  I got a piece!”

“First, I’m first!”

In the blink of an eye, all the pieces of paper were taken.

Those that grabbed one had an elated expression.  Those that didn’t grab one had a depressed expression.

The person that grabbed the paper with “one” written on it was a twenty year old scholarly young man.  He had a thin and tall body that was like a pole with especially long arms.

He triumphantly grabbed the paper and shook it as he said, “First place is mine, no one will take it from me.  I will have my fortune told first.”

He lifted his robe and was preparing to sit down in front of Chen Ning.

“Wait a minute, I’ll buy that piece of paper!”  The middle aged fat man that did not grab a piece of paper came out of the crowd and took out a silver bill that shined like a white flower, “One hundred silver coins, will you sell it?”

The scholar’s eyes lit up and he did not hesitate at all.

“I’ll sell it!”  He quickly nodded and handed the piece of paper over to the middle aged fatty, receiving an one hundred silver coin bill.  Then he moved to the side and happily watched the proceedings.

He was just a poor scholar and would not be able to see a hundred silver coins in his entire life.  With this much money, it would be enough to cover his tuition fees for ten years.

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