Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 92

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Chapter 92: Close your mouth and move your legs

This one move from the middle aged fatty made all those people that had not grabbed a piece of paper feel enlightened.

They might not have grabbed one, but they could spend some money and buy one.

Chen Ning smiled as she watched the local tyrants bid over the pieces of paper she had written, but she didn’t stop them.

She looked at the middle aged fatty as she smiled and asked, “This official old master, do you want me to calculate when you’ll be able to have a son?”

Although the fat official was already filled with awe towards Chen Ning, when he heard this sentence from her, he was visibly shocked by this.

“You, you, you, how did you know?”  He was dumbfounded.

“Naturally I could tell by looking at your face.”  Chen Ning looked at the fatty’s face for a while and then swept over his body for a bit before nodding her head.  She raised a pen and wrote a few words on a piece of paper.  She folded it into a square and passed it back to the fat official.

“I have a secret method here.  As long as you follow my method, in just one year you will be able to receive some good news.”

That fatty was so surprised that his mouth almost fell wide open.

He doubtfully took the folded paper and opened it.  Then he read the words written on it, “Close your mouth and move your legs.”

After he finished reading it, he was completely confused.

“What is the meaning of this?”  His face sank and he asked in a deep tone.

Just these words would let him hold his child?  He didn’t believe this.

He had wasted his time.  This girl was just a swindler after all and he had wasted his one hundred silver coins.

“Of course you can take the meaning literally.  This closing your mouth and moving your legs means that official old master should eat less and exercise more, because you are……too fat.”

Chen Ning dragged out her voice.

As the sound faded, everyone in the surrounding broke out in laughter.

Because what she said couldn’t be more right.  The fat official was so fat that he didn’t even have a neck.  His belly bulged out and sitting there made him look just like a pig.

The fat official’s face turned red and he angrily said, “What does father being fat and father not having a child have in common!”

“Of course it’s related.  Moreover, it has a large relation.”

Chen Ning’s smile faded and said with a serious expression, “It’s because you are too fat that nothing has come out from below your legs.  Even if you are married to seven concubines, not to mention a son, you won’t even be able to receive a daughter.  The fault is not with your wife and concubines, it is all because of you!  If you stay fat like this for the rest of your life, you will never be able to have a son!”

“You, you, you……”  The fatty pointed at Chen Ning.  He was so angry he could not even speak.

As a fat man, the thing he loathed hearing was other people calling him fat.  Normally if anyone else mentioned the word “fat” to in his presence, even if they weren’t talking about him, he would fly into a rage immediately.

He wanted to angrily insult her, but after pondering for a second he thought something was wrong.  How did she know that he had seven concubines?

Did she really calculate all of this?

“You, you, you……How do you know that this official has seven concubines?”  He suppressed the anger he felt and forced out this sentence.

He now half believed in what Chen Ning said and no longer dared to offend her.  If this divine fortune telling girl was a true immortal, then how could he dare to offend such an expert?

“Official old master has asked this miss to help you divine when you would get a son and this miss has already done so.  If you need something else divined, please come back tomorrow.  Official old master, please pay your fees.  Next.”  Chen Ning did not give him any face and her eyes looked past him at the people standing behind him.

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    That’s right, one of my best had the same problem and was given the same word of advise to increase the chance of conception when trying for a baby must lost weight and did not listen so now resigned to the fact that after so many years it is now too late as they are too old for even thinking about it. Thanks for this chapter.

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