Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: Red luan star moving

So, Zhao Er Gou sold his fields and bought a house in the city.  He had brought his blind old mother with him and was now living the life of a rich family.

He really wanted to find a beautiful city girl as his wife, but all the surrounding large families knew that he was originally a farmer and no one wanted their daughter to marry a country man.  So, he had not gotten married yet even though he was already twenty three and he was very anxious about it.

Chen Ning revealed a faint mysterious smile and slowly said, “Brother Zhao, everything I’ve said is something I’ve learned from your palm.

She said it very seriously, just like it was the truth.

Everyone surrounding them all thought that it was the truth.  That Zhao Er Gou was filled with awe and almost knelt down to call Chen Ning a deity descended upon the earth.

“Divine, divine fortune telling girl, can you help me calculate some more and see when I’ll be able to find a wife?”

Zhao Er Gou’s manner and tone all became very low and he spoke in a very careful manner.  It was like he had changed into a completely different person.

“About this, let me calculate it a bit.”

Chen Ning closed her eyes and the five fingers on her right hand began to move, just like she was actually calculating something.

Everyone on the side were completely awed by her surprising display.  They could not help holding their breath as if they were afraid of disturbing her.

Zhao Er Gou did not dare to breathe loudly at all.

Chen Ning finally opened her eyes and showed a faint smile to Zhao Er Gou.

“Your red luan star has begun to move and in just three days, someone will take the initiative to come to your house and propose.  I wish to congratulate Brother Zhao and the future madame Zhao and wish that you will be happy together for a hundred years with many children!”

“You, what did you say?  There will be someone coming to my house to propose?”

Zhao Er Gou was overjoyed.  He was excited as he tried grabbed Chen Ning’s hands.

Chen Ning took her hand back and he just grabbed the empty space.

He immediately realized what he was doing and awkwardly scratched his head.

“Sorry divine fortune telling girl, I was just too happy.  But, but, you…..You wouldn’t be lying to me, right?”  He asked with a worried face.

It had to be known that he had given quite a few silver coins to matchmakers, but none of them could match him up with someone.

But today Chen Ning had said that someone would take the initiative to propose to him in three days, how could he not be doubtful?

“Within three days, if no one comes to Brother Zhao’s door, you can smash this “accurate divine fortune telling” sign I have!”

Chen Ning pointed at the large words written to the side and decisively said.

“Alright, alright.  Here’s ten silver coins, please accept this divine fortune telling girl.  If this happy event really happens within the next three days, then I, Zhao Er Guo swear that I’ll be back to give you a large reward.”

Zhao Er Gou was so happy that the smile on his face stretched from one ear to other.  He took out ten silver coins and respectfully placed it on the table.  Then he happily left.

When he heard Chen Ning mention that someone would come propose to him in three days, he was afraid that he would miss them, so he quickly rushed home.

Of course Chen Ning wasn’t a prophet like Zhuge Liang, nor did she know how to tell people’s fortunes.  Her so called fortune telling was just a guise that she displayed.

[TL Note: Zhuge Liang from Romance of the Three Kingdoms who could predict everything.]

The things that she said were all based on her observations and psychological judgement.

This technique utilized expression reading and psychological reasoning.  There were many masters of this technique in the modern era and Chen Ning was one of the top experts.

She had repeatedly used this technique to solve all these hard mysteries.

All the fortunes that she had calculated, was just a simple display of her skills.

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