Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 758

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Chapter 758: This is robbery

When Chu Shao Yang who had just arrived heard this, his face instantly turned red.  He charged forward onto the stands and shouted, “Emperor, you mustn’t agree to his request, he…..he…..”

He pointed at the carriage down below and wanted to say that what he wanted was clearly his princess.

Mo Chuan raised a hand and cut him off.

“King Ding Yuan, first calm down and let the crown prince finish talking.”

Mo Chuan took a deep gaze at Na Mu Cuo and said in a deep voice, “What is the crown prince’s request?  Let me hear it.”

Na Mu Cuo said with a serious expression, “When this prince came to your rich country’s capital city, I had a deep sense that the capital was very rich.  The people and customs were very different from my East Qin, so my heart was filled with envy. This prince wanted to marry someone from your country and take a girl from your country as this prince’s princess.  Then my East Qin and the West Chu Country could build relations and come close together, becoming friends. What does the emperor feel about his?”

“Marriage?  The crown prince’s meaning is that you want to take a girl from my West Chu Country as your princess?”

The one speaking was the silent Empress Dowager Zhou.

Na Mu Cuo’s words made her eyes light up.  If this was true, it would be a very happy thing for West Chu’s interests!

The West Chu ministers were even more happy.  If they weren’t worried about their country’s prestige, they would have applauded and cheered.

Hearing the crown prince’s words, it was clear that someone had caught his attention in West Chu.  No matter who that person was, it was a happy matter for West Chu.

As long as they gave away a girl, they would be able to save a year’s worth of tribute, trading for a year of safety for the citizens.  This was simply something they couldn’t beg for!

Chu Shao Yang’s face turned livid and his hands tightly formed fists, almost exploding.

He had already guessed this a long time ago.  Since Na Mu Cuo said his first word, he had already guessed this.

This was robbery!  This was clearly robbery!

Na Mu Cuo already knew that as long as he gave this request, he would be praised by everyone from West Chu.  No one cared about a single woman, no matter who she was!

Even if she was the empress of West Chu, he was certain the emperor would agree to his request.

“Honourable Empress Dowager, this prince has already said it clearly.  I have fallen for a girl from your country and wish to take her as my princess.  I hope the Empress Dowager and the emperor can agree to this prince’s request.”

Na Mu Cuo said courteously as he smiled at Empress Dowager Zhou.

“No!  This king will definitely not agree!”  Chu Shao Yang said through gritted teeth.  His eyes were so sharp that they were like arrows shooting at Na Mu Cuo.

Na Mu Cuo curled his lips and revealed a sneer of disdain.  He did not place Chu Shao Yang in his eyes at all.

“Honourable emperor, do your words count in your country or does a simple king make the decisions?”

Hearing this, Chu Shao Yang’s face instantly turned red and he pointed at Na Mu Cuo.  He said through gritted teeth, “You….You…..”

“King Ding Yuan, this matter is not related to you, you’re not allowed to say anything else.”  Mo Chuan coldly looked at Chu Shao Yang.

The vein popped out on Chu Shao Yang’s forehead, “How can it not be related to me, the woman he likes is clearly…..”

“King Ding Yuan!  If you dare speak nonsense, this one will have people take you out!”  Mo Chuan cut him off again.

Chu Shao Yang bitterly closed his mouth.  Of course he hoped that the woman Na Mu Cuo wanted to marry was not Chen Ning, but that was basically impossible!

His heart was filled with hate.  He hated Na Mu Cuo and he hated Mo Chuan even more!

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