Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 759

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Chapter 759: Beautiful match

Chu Shao Yang could not understand.  Mo Chuan clearly knew who the woman Na Mu Cuo loved was and who he wanted to marry, so how could he act so calm and aloof?  It was like this matter was not related to him at all?

Could it be that since he couldn’t obtain her, he would rather send her to the side of a foreign prince?

Chu Shao Yang gave a cold laugh in his heart.  He really wanted to rip open the bead curtains and let her personally see the man she loved having this kind of face, as well as what kind of cold heart he was born with!

He wanted to laugh at her for being blind, loving a beast without any feelings!

“Crown prince, you being willing to marry someone from our West Chu, we definitely will not reject a beautiful thing like this.  Only, which girl has the crown prince fallen for? I ask the crown prince to speak and this widow will have the emperor give the order for your marriage.

Mo Chuan did not even have time to speak before Empress Dowager Zhou had already come forward.  The dragon headed cane slightly tapped the floor and stopped Mo Chuan from speaking.

She was smiling at Na Mu Cuo beneath the stands, speaking with a nice attitude.

Mo Chuan’s face was stiff and his lips slightly moved as he softly shouted, “Royal mother!”  The look of protest in his eyes were very clear.

Empress Dowager Zhou ignored him.

In her heart, she was anxious to see if the girl that caught Na Mu Cuo’s eye was surnamed Chen.  If it was like this, she really wanted to thank the heavens.

If this girl remained in West Chu, she would forever be a hot potato.  It was a problem that could never be solved in her heart and she believed that one day, this girl would bring West Chu to disaster.

If she could seize this heavenly opportunity to send her far away, sending her to East Qin over a thousand miles away, this was simply a great thing she prayed for every day!

So she agreed with a single breath, not giving the emperor a chance to speak at all.

“If the Empress Dowager is will to help this prince, Na Mu Cuo is filled with gratitude.  The girl is currently sitting in the carriage and this prince will personally help her down to see the Empress Dowager and the emperor.  I will thank you two for blessing this beautiful match.”

Na Mu Cuo smiled.

He jumped off his black horse and slightly bent over towards the carriage, saying, “The emperor and the Empress Dowager has already agreed to our wedding, come out to thank them with me.”

There was only a soft “un” sound that came from the carriage.

Although it was only a short sound, Chu Shao Yang could immediately recognize it.

It’s her!

He stared at the bead curtains without blinking, seeing a white as a jade lotus hand being slowly reached out.  The beads clacked against each other, making a very pleasant sound.

What appeared in front of everyone was a head of cloud like hair and then a graceful figure.  The white robes she was wearing was slightly lifted by the gentle breeze.

That girl slightly lowered her head and everyone was looking down, so they could only see her white as porcelain chin.

Although they couldn’t see her face, just seeing her elegance, they could tell that she was an absolute beauty.  Otherwise, why would the East Qin Crown Prince only fall for her out of everyone!

When Chu Shao Yang’s eyes fell onto that girl, his entire body froze like his acupuncture point was pressed.  He did not move at all and he even felt his four limbs turn numb.

He did not need to see her face, as long as he saw her waterfall like hair or even if he saw a single one of her hairs, he would recognize who she was.

“Ning’er, come over!”

He stared at her long hair as he stood on the stands, reaching out a hand towards her.

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