Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 757

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Chapter 757: A girl that doesn’t let people not worry

Na Mu Cuo protected the carriage as he arrived underneath the stands.

The envoys in the East Qin stands had already stood up as they bowed to Na Mu Cuo.

Na Mu Cuo rode his black horse and looked up, looking at Mo Chuan in the West Chu stands.  He revealed a toothy smile as his snow white teeth sparkled, revealing a proud smile.

Mo Chuan’s eyes suddenly became unfathomable, dark and deep.

He stared right at the carriage beside Na Mu Cuo and his right hand holding the arm rest couldn’t help using strength.

She…..She still did it in the end!

This girl that wouldn’t let him not worry!

An indescribable feeling appeared in Mo Chuan’s heart and his eyes revealed a complicated gaze.  His eyes slowly moved away from the carriage and he met Na Mu Cuo’s arrogant and domineering gaze.

“Respected majesty, the emperor, I have a very important matter to discuss with you.”

Na Mu Cuo put his right hand on his chest and slightly bent towards Mo Chuan, giving him a bow.

Mo Chuan gave a weak nod.  His eyes were deep and dark, but he didn’t say a word.

Na Mu Cuo raised his head and looked up.  His eyes scanned over the West Chu stands’ people and then he revealed a smile.

“Emperor, your majesty, I, Na Mu Cuo admit defeat for this competition today, there is no need to compete!”

He raised his voice and allowed everyone around them to clearly hear him.  He even specifically said these words in both the East Qin and West Chu languages.

When his voice fell, there was uproar from both east and west stands.

The West Chu ministers all rose with looks of disbelief on their faces.  Even Empress Dowager Zhou’s fingers were shaking. She stood up holding Su Jin’s hand as she looked at Na Mu Cuo beneath the stand.

On the entire West Chu stand, there was only Mo Chuan whose face did not change.  He had no expression and only watched Na Mu Cuo, not letting out a single word.

Na Mu Cuo seemed like he was very satisfied with this result.  He raised his chin slightly as he added, “Not only does this prince forfeit this competition, we don’t need the next competition either.  As for this year’s tribute to my country, it can be forgotten.”

None of the West Chu ministers were calm as they looked at each other, suspecting that something was wrong with their ears.

If it wasn’t a problem with their ears, then there must be a problem with the brain of the crown prince below the stands.

Although the East Qin envoys felt strange, every single one of them were the crown prince’s subordinates, so no one had an objection.

But it was like a pan of hot oil being thrown into a basin of cold water, instantly exploding.

“Sir Liu, quickly pinch me.  I think that I’m in a dream.”

“This isn’t real, this isn’t real……”

Chu Shao Bai revealed a confused look.  He stood beside Mo Chuan and whispered, “Emperor, would he be secretly plotting something?  I don’t think Na Mu Cuo is this kind hearted to give our West Chu this kind of advantage.”

The corners of Mo Chuan’s eyes slightly twitched as he coldly said, “Of course he isn’t that kind hearted.”

He also raised his voice and said in a clear voice, “The crown prince have given our West Chu such a large gift and this one wishes to represent the West Chu citizens in thanking the crown prince for your kindness.  Tonight we will have a banquet in the Clear Breeze Pavilion to thank the crown prince once again.”

Na Mu Cuo raised his hand and said with a smile, “The banquet is not important and this prince would not give the emperor this large gift for no reason.  This is called, one must have a request if they humble themselves. This prince has a request of the emperor and hope that the emperor can grant this prince’s request.”

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