Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 710

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Chapter 710: Too strange

“Your highness!”  The secret guard on the side was stunned and quickly took out some ointment.  He wanted to help him apply medicine, but Chu Shao Yang’s hand swept out and he fell back heavily, hitting his back on the stone wall.

“Even at this point, your heart is filled with him!  Very good, when this king come back, I will “love” you properly for him!  This king will torture you until you won’t want to live and you can’t die!”  Chu Shao Yang swore through gritted teeth. He did not look back as he walked off.

He came out of the secret passage and immediately saw the Peach Blossom Cove’s fire soaring into the sky, turning half of it red.

All the servants of the palace were in a panic as they gathered outside the Peach Blossom Cove gates, carrying buckets and other things filled with water.

But even with this line of water, the trees in the yard were all on fire.  With such a big fire, how could a few buckets of water be enough to put them out?

Chu Shao Yang was worried about the building among the peach trees.  They were filled with his most precious items, each one was something he loved.  Those treasured blades and those military books he searched the world for……

“Everyone charge in and fight the fire for this king!  If a single item from the building is missing, this king will want your lives!”

Over the clamor, Chu Shao Yang used his internal energy to transfer his voice into the ears of every person.

Receiving his highness’ orders, the subordinates all charged in and fought the fire without caring about themselves.

Chu Shao Yang grabbed two buckets of water from the guards on the side and flew into the yard, charging at the house.  When he arrived in front of the house, he couldn’t help being stunned.

He saw that the fire had been started from the trees three meters away from the house.  Although the house was surrounded in flames, the flames had not reached it yet. Not even a single roof tile had been burnt.

Chu Shao Yang thought the fire started from the building and spread out, but who would have known that this wasn’t the case.

He was stunned for a minute before thinking this wasn’t right.

This fire was just too strange!

The peach blossom trees on the outside, it was currently spring and everything was in bloom, looking very green and healthy.  How could it catch fire without any reason?

That meant someone deliberately started this fire!

His chest instantly filled with rage.  He raised his foot and kicked out at a servant preparing to fight the fire.

The servant let out a pitiful cry as they flew through the air in a curve.  They slammed into the ground and felt their bones breaking, not getting up for a while.  

The other people on the side were all shocked as their buckets all stopped.  They didn’t know if they should fight the fire or if they should turn and run.

“Bastards!  Are you all dead people?  This fire was set by someone!  What use does this king have to raise useless people like you?  You can’t even see a thief and you allowed him to enter this king’s palace to set a fire!  Search! Start searching for this king! You must find the culprit behind this fire and cut them to ten thousand pieces!”

Chu Shao Yang was filled with rage as he roared out.

The guards and servants all fell into chaos.  Some people quickly began to put out the fire and some began to search.

Chu Shao Yang stood in front of the building with a livid face and his head was bursting with pain.

With everyone’s hard work, the fire finally became smaller.

A secret guard came forward to report, “Reporting to your highness, this fire was indeed deliberately set by someone.  This subordinate found this among the peach blossom trees!”

That person kneeled down and presented a wooden barrel.  Chu Shao Yang smelled this and his face became even uglier.

He said through gritted teeth, “This is a barrel of oil!”

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