Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 709

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Chapter 709: He wasn’t playing this game anymore

In the underground chamber, the air began to turn warm.

Chu Shao Yang’s body was burning and beads of sweat slid down his smooth back.  He endured this pain, but he was expecting and waiting for her to beg him.

She clearly had her reasoning burned away by the aphrodisiac, but he did not know why she didn’t “beg” from beginning to end.

He was already losing his patience from waiting.

“Ning’er, is saying the word “beg” that hard?  As long as you say that word, I’ll give it to you, un?  Don’t say that you don’t want me. Feel your own heart, it’s beating much faster.  Feel your body, it needs my embrace and love. As long as you say even a single word, I will immediately satisfy you.”

His lips rubbed against her ears and he breathed in her ear.  That tingling sensation made her body begin to tremble as her snow white skin turned a faint pink colour.

“Mo Chuan…..Hold me…..”

She muttered.  In her half conscious state, she already treated the person in front of her as Mo Chuan because they had been close like this before.  His embrace was warm and strong, fiery and passionate, she already wanted to be tightly hugged by him.

Like a bucket of cold water being poured over him, the fire in Chu Shao Yang’s heart did not subside.  Rather it was like oil being poured over the flame that immediately made him explode.

“Open your eyes and look carefully, who am I!”

His eyes were emitting flames and his nose was filled with fire.  He viciously grabbed her neck and screamed out.

“I am Chu Shao Yang!  I am your husband!” He took heavy gasps.  He couldn’t endure any longer after being incited by her words, he no longer wanted to play this game!

He admitted defeat!

Even if he lost, he still wanted to obtain her!

He wildly pushed her underneath him and went to rip the final barrier left on her body.

“This is bad, your highness!  Get water, get water!”

Suddenly the panicked screams of the secret guard came from outside the stone door.


Chu Shao Yang was like an intercepted arrow, stopped by someone.  He was so angry he wanted to kill someone.

After another silence outside, the secret guards’ panicked voice came again.

“Reporting to your highness, it’s the Peach Blossom Cove that is on fire…..”

The secret guards knew how important the little room in the Peach Blossom Cove was to Chu Shao Yang, but without his highness’ order, they did not dare go in and fight the fire.

Although they knew his highness was filled with rage, they still courageously reported to him.  Otherwise, if the Peach Blossom Cover burned down, they would not be able to escape punishment.

“What?  The Peach Blossom Cove is on fire!”

Chu Shao Yang’s mind came to focus and he jumped up.  He grabbed his robe and placed it over him before walking out the door.

Taking two steps, he suddenly turned around and covered her with a blanket.  He also leaned over to place a kiss on her face.

If the Peach Blossom Cove was not the most important place in his heart, even if the entire King Ding Yuan palace burned down, he would not leave her at this time.

“Ning’er, wait for me.  I’ll be back soon.”

His lips touched her hot skin which made his lips burn and made him unwilling to leave her.

He turned and walked out with big steps.

When the stone door closed, he heard her mutter.

“Mo Chuan…..Mo Chuan…..”

These two words pierced through his heart and filled him with wild rage.

His fist suddenly slammed into the stone door which made a muffled sound.  The back of his hand was covered in blood, but he did not feel any pain at all.

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