Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 711

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Chapter 711: Disappear into the heavens

He immediately figured it out.  There was someone who placed the kerosine under the tree and lit it.  When the breeze blew across the flame, it suddenly began to burn even stronger.

So although the flame looked very frightening, it would quickly extinguish and would not cause a fire.

“Damn!  The tiger has been lured from the mountain!”

Seeing the oil barrel, Chu Shao Yang suddenly had an epiphany as cold sweat drenched his back.

He did not even think as he ran into the dark passage.

This secret passage was built in a fake hill in the garden and it was very hidden.  He passed right through the mountain and although it was dark, he walked very quickly.  Taking a few bends, he reached out for a raised stone on the stone wall and forcefully turned it.

With a squeaking sound, there was a black passage that appeared in the ground that led underground.

He jumped in like a limber cat and as soon as he took two steps, his eyes turned dark.

There was a person lying in the passage, not moving at all.

Although he couldn’t see his face, from his clothing, he knew this was one of his secret guards.  He leaned over that man and placed his hand on the back of his neck which was still warm. That person wasn’t dead, he just couldn’t move.  Someone should have poked his acupuncture point.

Chu Shao Yang’s heart contracted as he knew that an enemy had come.  He did not even have time to free the guard as he jumped up and used his qinggong to rush in the direction of the stone room.

His heart was beating fast and he only had a single thought in his mind.  They had come for her!

No matter what, he would not let anyone take her from his hands!

On the road, he saw many secret guards lying on the ground, but he did not stop for a second, rather he began to move even faster.

Finally he arrived in front of the stone room.  He saw that the thick stone door was slightly opened and his heart instantly jumped into his throat.

Now he could only hope that whoever it was did not have time to leave yet.  He didn’t care who it was, he would make sure they would be unable to leave!

Chu Shao Yang slowed his steps and held his breath.  When he looked into the opened door, his heart suddenly fell to the bottom of his chest.

The bed was empty and messed up, but she could not be seen.  She was really gone!

The stone room was silent and there were no sounds at all.  There was no breathing, no footsteps, only a deadly silence.

Chu Shao Yang did not care about danger as he charged into the room and arrived in front of the bed.  He reached out to touch the bed and he felt warmth. The heat was still there, so it was clear she hadn’t left long ago.

He did not even think as he rushed out of the stone room.  He ran out of the secret passage and roared out like a wild lion.

“Everyone search for this king!  You have to find the princess for this king!  If you can’t find her, this king will want everyone’s lives!”

The secret guards and guards all shivered as they ran out.  They searched all over the palace, not leaving a single corner unturned.

But even though they searched the entire palace, even after searching until the sun rose, they could not find even half a clue.

Naturally, there was no one who found the person that had set the fire.

Could they have escaped into the heavens?

Chu Shao Yang couldn’t understand this no matter how hard he thought about it.  From the time he left the stone room to when he returned, it had been less than half an incense worth of time.  Even if a person’s qinggong is good, they would not be able to take someone from under his eyes in such a short period of time that he wouldn’t notice them.

He knew that they mustn’t have left and they were hiding somewhere inside his palace.

But why couldn’t he find them!

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