Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: Girls have to have morals

Xiao Ru would never wear a flashy dress like this.  She blushed as she tried to refuse, but Chen Ning forced her to wear it.

The pink dress was like a beautiful picture.  Once Xiao Ru appeared on the street, everyone began to stare at her.

Xiao Ru’s shy face was the same colour as the dress she was wearing.  She was too embarrassed to say anything.

Chen Ning pulled Xiao Ru’s hand and openly walked out in front of Xiao Si, slipping right past him.

When the walked past him, Xiao Si’s eyes couldn’t help looking at Xiao Ru wearing the dress.  He muttered, “Such a beautiful pink dress.”  Then he did not look at Chen Ning and Xiao Ru any longer and looked back at the clothing store’s front door.

He did not think that Chen Ning would change clothes so easily.  And he did not imagine that the young girl dressed like a man would be the target that he was looking for.

After Chen Ning had lost Xiao Si who was tailing her, she took Xiao Ru and quietly snuck back to the King Ding Yuan Palace.

Today’s harvest was quite good.  They returned to the little courtyard and Xiao Ru placed each bill onto the bed.  They counted the money until their hands were sore.

“Young miss, what did you write on that piece of paper?  Why did it make the shopkeeper not even blink at giving you a thousand silver coins?  Moreover, why did he not care about the money for the meal anymore?”

After Xiao Ru put the money away, she finally remembered the questions that had been on her mind the whole time.

While Chen Ning was writing on the paper, she was standing right beside her, but Xiao Ru only knew a few words, so she could not understand what was written at all.

“It was nothing at all, it was just a recipe.”  Chen Ning casually said.

“Recipe?  Was it the recipe for the four dishes young miss ordered?”  Xiao Ru’s eyes suddenly popped out.

“That’s right.”  Chen Ning smiled and nodded.

“Then those four dishes can really be made?  It wasn’t something young miss came up with to trick people?”

Chen Ning gently tapped down on Xiao Ru’s head.  Then she smiled as she scolded, “When have you seen me trick people before?”

Xiao Ru began to stutter as she was unable to respond.

She tilted her head and thought about it.  The young miss seems to have never tricked anyone, even though it seems like she has.  Especially when she reveals that fox like smile, she would always have an idea that would bring others bad luck.

“That’s right, young miss, that lots of money was clearly going to pay for our meal, why did you reject him?”  Xiao Ru thought as she asked.

Chen Ning’s face turned serious when she heard this, “Xiao Ru you have to remember, even if you’re a girl, you still have to have morals.  That lots of money is so loose with his money, so why should we accept his gold coins?  Rulers like to have money.  You know that I like money, but I only like money that I’ve personally earned.  Then it is justified for me to spend it, do you understand?”

Xiao Ru had a look of shame on her face.  She lowered her head and said, “Young miss, this servant was wrong.”

Chen Ning patted on her shoulders.  Then she smiled and said, “You aren’t really wrong.  If there is a scumbag with too much money in his pockets, we’ll have to help him spend it properly.”

Xiao Ru blinked as she looked at Chen Ning.  She felt that the young miss was looking like a fox again.

Chen Ning called out for Chun Tao and Xia He, then she asked, “Did anything happen when I wasn’t here today?”

The two maidservants looked at each other and then began muttering as if they didn’t dare speak.

“If there is something, then just say it.  Even if the sky falls down, this princess will support the two of you!”  Chen Ning shouted.

When the two of them heard this, their hearts began filling with courage.

Xia He gathered her courage and said, “Princess, this servant is scared that you’ll feel sad after hearing this news, that’s why she doesn’t dare tell you.”

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