Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: Father has no girls here

“It’s really strange.  They’ve been in there for so long now, why haven’t they come out yet?”  The blue clothed youth Xiao Si muttered.

He was hiding in an obscure corner, staring at the clothing store across the street.

The business of this store was pretty good, there were quite a few people going in and out.  There were males and females, old and young people.

He was afraid that if he blinked, he would miss something.

Two hours ago, he had seen Chen Ning and Xiao Ru laughing and talking as they walked in.  He had been guarding here without even blinking, but he had still not seen the two of them come out yet.

If he didn’t already know that this clothing store only had a front door and no back door, he would have thought that Chen Ning and Xiao Ru had already left using the back door.

His eyes were sore from staring and his legs began to ache, but he still did not see the two of them come out.

Finally when the store closed and the boss came out to lock the door, Xiao Si couldn’t hold it in any longer and went forward.

“Don’t close the door!  Don’t close the door!  There are still two girls that haven’t come out yet.”  He yelled out.

“Go, go, go.  Where did a brat like you come from?  Although you want a girl, this is just a clothing store.  If you want to find a girl, go to the Yi Hong Store across from us!”  The boss pulled Xiao Si to the side and continued to lock up the store.

Xiao Si was anxious as he prepared to charge in and look around the store.  The boss couldn’t stop him and could only angrily stare at him.

There was no one in the store.  Xiao Si had searched it twice and then scratched his head in wonder.

Yi, where are they?  How did they disappear?

This was just like last time.  He had clearly seen the two of them go into the alley, but when he followed them in, the two girls had already disappeared without a trace.

This was the same scenario as last time!

Were these two girls not mortals?  Were they ghosts or immortals?

Xiao Si suddenly fought back the chill that ran down his back.

“Stinky brat, you’re here to cause trouble right?  Learning such bad things at such a young age, coming to a clothing store to find a flower girl.  Why haven’t you come out yet!”  The owner grabbed Xiao Si by his collar.

[TL Note: Yes, flower girl is as lewd as you think it is…..]

“Boss, I’ve come to find two proper ladies, not those kinds of ladies!  Two hours ago, there were two girls that clearly came into your store, but they have not come out yet.  It was a pair of master and servant, one old girl and one young girl.  One girl was very tall and the other girl was very short……”

Xiao Si was very anxious as he gestured and tried to describe Chen Ning and Xiao Ru.

But he was very bad at describing them and there were many customers that came to this store, the owner could not remember them at all.  Seeing him continue on about girls, the owner picked up the shop sign and chased Xiao Si out the door.  Then he turned back to the store and locked the door.

“Scram!  Father doesn’t have any girls here!”

“……”  Xiao Si’s nose almost turned flat from him scratching it.

He just stared at the shop door, wanting to cry but there were no tears that flowed.

It’s over, he had failed the mission that his master had entrusted him.  How could he go back and face him now!

What he couldn’t understand was how did the two girls disappear into thin air?  Could they have escaped into the sky?

Of course, Chen Ning was not an immortal, or a monster.  She also did not have the ability to fly through the sky.

When she had realized that Xiao Si was following behind her, she brought Xiao Ru into this clothing store.

She had picked out a man’s robe and found a scholar’s turban.  After she finished putting them on, she looked in a mirror and looked exactly like a young scholar.

And she picked out a peach pink robe for Xiao Ru.  It was very gentle and alluring, making it very eye catching.

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