Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 71

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Chapter 71: Tigers wish to hurt humans

Chen Ning asked in a surprised tone, “It will make me feel sad?  What happened exactly?”

“It is his highness’ order.  He said that no doctors are allowed to cure you and no one is allowed to visit you.  He said that he would let things run its course……”  Xia He stopped here, not daring to say anymore.  She secretly looked at Chen Ning’s face.

When she and Chun Tao heard the news, they couldn’t help feeling sad for Chen Ning.

Although they knew that his highness did not favour the princess, they never thought that he would hate her to this degree.  This was clearly wishing that the princess would die.

It was a good thing that the princess was not injured at all.  If she was really punished with the family law and heard this news, she would be heartbroken.  If she didn’t die from being beaten, she would die from the heartbreak.

Who would have thought that Chen Ning would not show any sadness at all.  Rather her lips curled up and she began to smile.

“Oh, letting things run its course?”  Chen Ning smiled and said.

She did not even need to think to know that Chu Shao Yang would say this kind of thing.  Chen Bi Yun must have shed quite a bit of tears in front of Chu Shao Yang, trying to rile him up.

It seems like this good little sister of hers truly wanted to send her to the yellow river.  If she did not die, Chen Bi Yun would not have a peaceful night’s sleep.

Chen Ning could not understand what kind of grudge her half sister had against her that would cause her to want her life.

Was she doing it just for a man?

She really wanted to tell Chen Bi Yun that the man she treasured so much, Chen Ning didn’t really care about at all.  He was free to choose whoever he wanted.

But in order to get this man, Chen Bi Yun continued to hurt her which finally crossed her bottom line.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Chen Bi Yun was pregnant, she would have beaten her at  the wedding hall, otherwise Chen Bi Yun would not have gotten off so easily.  She would have made Chen Bi Yun pay a blood price!

This was truly, humans do not wish to hurt tigers, but tigers wish to hurt humans.

Chen Ning gave a taunting laugh, “Xia He, help me do something.”

Since the opposing side already wants to take her life, if she doesn’t respond, wouldn’t it be letting that cheap man and scum woman off too easily?

“Yes, princess.  What do you need me to do?”  Xia He was a little nervous.

“I want a copy of the menu for his highness’ and the concubine’s breakfasts, the more detailed the better.  Xia He, can you do this?”

Xia He gave a sigh of relief, “I can do it, princess.  This servant will go find out now.”

She was worried that the princess would want her to get some poison for her. She would not dare do that even if she had a hundred times her current courage.

She brought a long list back which was the menu.  There were over thirty dishes listed and all kind of porridges and deserts.

Xiao Ru took in a cold breath, “His highness and the second miss eat this much for breakfast?”

They weren’t afraid of being stuffed to death!

Thinking about the gruel that she and young miss ate, she began to angrily grumble under her breath.

Xia He said, “I’ve heard that because the concubine is pregnant, his highness is pampering her even more.  He ordered the kitchen to prepare all kinds of dishes for her to eat.”

Chen Ning just nodded.  With a single glance, she remembered the entire list.

She smiled and looked at the three maidservants, “Which one of you knows how to make water chestnut cakes?”

Chun Tao and Xia He both said, “Servant knows how to make it, does the princess want to eat?  This servant will make it immediately.”

Chen Ning smiled and said, “Alright, but I’ve had enough of normal water chestnut cakes and do not have any appetite for them.  If you add another portion of chestnut powder into the water chestnut cakes, then it will be more fragrant and waxy, making it much tastier.  You might as well make a few extra portions so we can all have some to eat.”

“Alright.  This servant never thought that the princess would be so knowledgeable in cooking.  It seems like we’ll have good things to eat from now on.”  Chun Tao and Xia He excitedly went out.

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