Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 675

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Chapter 675: Should and shouldn’t do

Mo Chuan indifferently sat down on the dragon throne as he faced all the happy ministers.  As the emperor, he just slightly curled his lips as he revealed a faint smile.

The ministers were already used to his emotionless face.  Being able to see a faint smile on the emperor’s face, this was already a rare occasion.

No one knew how much effort Mo Chuan used to make himself reveal this smile and no one noticed anything strange about him.  There was no one that noticed that his heart was dripping blood beneath this smile.

He used his strength to stop himself from thinking of her, but her name kept being mentioned by other, endlessly.

Hearing that she was gone in this moment, the calm he forced onto himself was finally broken.

He suddenly stood up with his straight back in the middle of the crowd and looked around.  His deep eyes quickly scanned over the crowd and as expected, he did not see her figure.

No matter where she was, no matter how many people there were, he would always see her first.

But he looked three times and still could not find her.  Even Chu Shao Yang had disappeared.

Mo Chuan’s breathing suddenly stopped and his head filled with a bad premonition.  Could it be Na Mu Cuo wasn’t willing and then…..

His eyes looked over at the East Qin stands and found that the East Qin people had disappeared without a trace.  There was no trace of Na Mu Cuo as well.

He immediately ordered in a loud voice, “Someone, send the imperial guards to find King Ding Yuan and the Ding Yuan Princess!”

“No need!”  A depressed voice sounded out.

Chu Shao Bai walked through the crowd with a sorrowful look on his handsome face.  This made the ministers confused. When everyone else was celebrating, why did King Jing An have a face filled with sadness?

“Third sister in law’s body isn’t well, so third brother brought her back to his palace to let her rest.  Third brother said he would properly take care of her and outsiders didn’t need to worry.” Chu Shao Bai repeated Chu Shao Yang’s words with a bitter voice.

“Oh.”  Mo Chuan gave a slight nod.  He said nothing else as he sat back down in his throne with an indifferent expression.

Chu Shao Bai just stared at him.  He could not understand why he would reveal this calm expression after hearing this, like nothing had happened at all.

She was like this and he was also like this!

Why did only his heart hurt like it was being pressed down on?  Did the two of them not love each other? In the blink of an eye, both the man and woman seemed to have no emotions for each other.  Could it be that they never had real feelings for each other at all?

Chu Shao Bai was becoming more and more confused.

If he liked a person, he would give her his heart and body, holding no affections back.  If she was taken by a lion, he would spare nothing in trying take her back!

But the emperor?  He heard that his beloved girl was taken away by someone and he was acting indifferent!

He hoped that he could see the emperor immediately chasing after her after hearing this news.  He hoped he would chase her to his third brother’s palace and directly steal back his third sister in law!

This is what a real hot blooded man filled with emotions would do!

He stared at the emperor and his heart was about to explode from depression.  West Chu winning over East Qin should be a cause for national celebration, but he couldn’t feel happy at all.

“Emperor, this minsters’s body is not well.  I ask the emperor for leave, this minister will also return to my palace to rest.”  He said in an angry voice.

Mo Chuan shook his head, “Shao Bai, you can’t leave.”

“What does the emperor need this minster to do?  This minister has done what should be done and what shouldn’t be done, this minister has used all my power.”  He softly said these words with double meanings.

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