Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 676

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Chapter 676: No time to waste

“Shao Bai, this one needs you!”  Mo Chuan said in a deep voice.

Of course he understood Chu Shao Bai’s meaning, but he could not tell Chu Shao Bai his thoughts.

As the ruler of the country, he had to consider many more things compared to Chu Shao Bai which were very complicated.  He could not ignore everything like Chu Shao Bai and do something that would bring shame to the kingdom and the royal family.

Especially while the East Qin country was eyeing West Chu, he could not lose the heart of the citizens.

If his emperor throne was not stable, East Qin would be able to take this chance and West Chu would be filled with turbulence again.  Once the war broke out, the citizens would no longer have a stable life. All of this was something Mo Chuan could never allow to happen!

He had a heavy burden on his shoulder and no one knew how heavy it was.  He didn’t want to pick this, but he had no choice because other than him, no one else could shoulder this burden.

Although Chu Shao Bai’s seniority was lower, he had always treated Chu Shao Bai as an equal.  He was his arms and he needed Chu Shao Bai’s support right now. He had lost his most beloved woman and if he also lost his best brother, he did not know if he had the strength to stand up and pass through this difficult time.

He was a man, he was not a god.  He also had times where he was weak and injured.

His right hand pressed down on Chu Shao Bai’s shoulder.

Chu Shao Bai’s body slightly trembled, like he could feel a heavy burden pressing down on him.  His back straightened as his eyes lit up.

“This minister will always stand by the emperor’s side.”  He said in a determined voice and his eyes were filled with even more determination.

Mo Chuan nodded as he patted his shoulder.  He slowly said, “Someone, go and prepare for the royal banquet tonight.  This one hopes to see King Ding Yuan and his princess tonight, also go and invite prince Na Mu as well.”

He knew that the victory today only meant that they had passed the first trial.  There were still two other competitions left and he knew that Na Mu Cuo would not admit defeat as easily as today, so he would surely be more sly with the next two competitions.

The stone in Empress Dowager Zhou’s heart finally fell down.  She looked at Mo Chuan with relief and saw that her son did not let her down.

She had seen everything that had happened today.  She was already cautious as a woman and adding in her years of experience in the royal harem, her eyes became sharp and bright.  She could see that her son was full of disappointment and despair, she could see that her son’s heart was bleeding from the pain.

But even in this situation, he maintained the style and dignity of a country’s ruler, maintaining a calm mind and managing the affairs of the state.  This was enough to prove that he was becoming more and more mature, already have the endurance, calm, and decisiveness of an emperor.

As for the pain her son felt, Empress Dowager Zhou believe that with time, he would surely heal.

“Let’s go, return to the palace!”

She held Su Jin’s hand as she sat down in the sedan.

She was in deep thought the entire way.

Her son was grown up and was that considerate, she should start making plans for her son.

As for choosing the candidate of the future West Chu Empress, she had to pick carefully.  She needed to pick an outstanding and virtuous girl.

When her son married, he would naturally put that Chen Family’s girl out of his heart.

Empress Dowager Zhou made her decision.  Once the East Qin envoy matters were over and they left the capital city, she would immediately take care of this matter.

There was no time to waste.

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