Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 674

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Chapter 674: Everything he was willing to do

Chu Shao Bai had a bitter smile.  His eyes went past Chu Shao Yang and fell onto Chen Ning’s face.

“Third sister in law, since you’ve decided to be with third brother, the imperial decree this little brother asked for you is no longer of use to you.  How about you return it to this little brother and this little brother will return it to its owner. From where it comes is where it will return.”

In that instant, he suddenly felt pain for his emperor uncle.  He suddenly understood the emperor’s mood and why he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

Seeing how heartless she was, even his blood rushed into his chest and he almost spat it out.  Not to mention the emperor who never had emotions, but would never lose them once he had them?

The emperor must be extremely injured by her and filled with extreme pain.

He just stared at her.  He wanted to hate her, but seeing her beautiful face, he could not feel any hatred at all.  He could only ask for the emperor’s true heart that had been given to her back!

Chen Ning’s thick and long lashes came up as she looked at him with her dark, black eyes.

She spoke very slowly, “That imperial decree?  It no longer exists. I personally burned and it has turned into ashes, with the wind blowing it away and it can no longer be found.”

Chu Shao Bai stared at her, hoping that she was lying to him.  He hoped that not a single word she said was true……

That was the freedom she longed for, why would she personally burn it?

Could she have been playing around in the past?  Was the person she really liked not the emperor, but rather his third brother?

He, he, laughable, truly laughable!

Chu Shao Bai felt like he had done something truly foolish!

He actually thought she wasn’t happy and tried to help her obtain the freedom and happiness she wanted.  In her eyes, was he the largest fool in the world?

She must have been secretly laughing at him the entire time!

Chu Shao Bai’s eyes filled with hot rage.  He cared for her that much, but she had been playing him the entire time.  Was playing with him and the emperor that interesting for her?

He really wanted to loudly question her, but even though his lips moved, he could not say a single word.

She had never given him any promises since the beginning and did not even give him half a chance, it had all been his wishful thinking the entire time!  It was him that was attached to her, it was him that was willing to work hard for her, thinking of a way to make her smile. She had never given him half a request, so everything was done willingly by him!

So he had no qualifications or reasons to ask her!

Chu Shao Bai did not say a word.  He just turned around and silently left.

He did not turn back, so he didn’t know that after he turned around, she went soft and fell down like a leaf.

Chu Shao Yang reached out to grab her.  He held the unconscious Chen Ning as he quickly left the field.

The West Chu ministers were immersed in the joy of winning, so no one noticed that Chu Shao Yang had left.

Mo Chuan and Empress Dowager Zhou were surrounded by the happy ministers, accepting their congratulations, so they did not see this scene at all.

Only when the ministers mentioned the evening banquet and the number one contributor to the West Chu victory did they notice that Chu Shao Yang and his princess were gone.

“Yi, where’s King Ding Yuan?”

“King Ding Yuan!  King Ding Yuan!”

“Not only is King Ding Yuan gone, his princess is also missing.  Could they have left already?”

The ministers looked around as they discussed with each other.

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