Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 65

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Chapter 65: A dumb man in silence

That waiter revealed an embarrassed face.

He wanted to remind the shopkeeper not to boast, but how could the shopkeeper understand such vague hints?  Instead he chose to scold him.

He lowered his head and acted like a mute.  Not making a single sound.

Who would have thought that even when he acted like a mute, Chen Ning would not let him off.

“Shopkeeper is truly straightforward!”  Chen Ning eyes stared at the silent waiter, then she smiled and said, “Your waiter was just like you earlier, so I ordered four dishes.  One that flew in the sky, one that ran on land, and one that swam in the ocean, as well as a random soup, but this waiter actually said that he couldn’t make it.  Could it be that the number one restaurant in the capital actually can’t make four normal dishes?  This was clearly the store bullying us, so this young miss was angry and brought her servant to leave.  Who would have thought that this waiter would accuse us of eating without paying and trying to get a free meal?  Shopkeeper, please give us your judgement on this situation.”

Her clear voice rang out and told everyone the facts.  Once the crowd heard this, they all felt dissatisfied with the waiter.

“So it’s like this.  It’s all this waiter’s fault!”

The shopkeeper’s face fell and he sternly said to the waiter, “If the guests order a dish, how can you say no to them!  Have you forgotten the rules of our restaurant?  Do you still want to work in our Tai He Floor!”

That waiter looked over at Chen Ning with a crying face.  He was thinking how strong this girl’s mouth was, she could even cause him to die with just her words.  If he knew about this earlier, he would not have offended her.

Now he seemed like a dumb man in silence.  He could not speak of his sufferings and could only keep them in his heart.

“Boss, it isn’t what is seems.  It’s like this……No, it’s not like this, it’s like that…..”  His heart filled with anxiety as he couldn’t clearly speak through his stuttering.

“What this and that!”  The shopkeeper impatiently interrupted him and shouted, “Why have you not sent the four dishes the guests want to the chef yet!”

The waiter did not dare to reply.  He blinked his eyes and stared at the shopkeeper, “Boss, it isn’t that this little one isn’t willing to go, it’s the dishes that this miss ordered…….This little one has never heard of them before, our chef will not be able to make them.”

Once the shopkeeper heard this, he was filled with anger.  This little brat actually dares admit in front of everyone that they can’t make the dishes the guests ordered?  Wasn’t this slapping themselves in the face!

He kicked his feet at the waiter and shouted, “Is there even a dish in this world that our chef cannot make?  You’re just speaking nonsense!  Go!  Go now!”

The kick landed on the waiter’s butt.  Then he said in an aggrieved tone, “Boss, you don’t know everything yet.  The dishes that this girl ordered, for the dish that flies in the sky, she said that since the phoenix is a divine bird of the sky, she wanted to eat phoenix meat and ordered a dish called phoenix’s nest.  This little one has lived for this long and has never even seen a phoenix once.  As for the dish that runs on land, she ordered a phoenix’s egg.  For the dish that swims in water, she wanted a squirrel mandarin fish.  The strangest thing is that she wants to drink a soup that is tasty, nice to look at, and good to listen to!  Boss, don’t you think that this is just making it hard for others?  Is there even anyone in this world that could make these dishes?”


Phoenix’s nest, phoenix’s egg, squirrel mandarin fish, and a soup that’s tasty, nice to look at, and good to listen to?

Everyone’s eyes popped out once they heard the things listed.  They couldn’t really blame the waiter since it was clearly this young miss that was making things hard for them.

Not to mention this waiter never hearing of these dishes before, even they had never heard of these dishes before!

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