Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 64

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Chapter 64: Are you stupid?

“Enough, it’s more than enough.”  The storekeeper picked up the gold ingot.  He was sure it was a gold ingot, there was no way it would be fake.  He revealed a smile on his face, “So these young misses are this honoured guest friends, we apologize, we apologize.”

Everyone in the crowd envied Chen Ning’s good look, she actually had a rich friend like this that could pay for her.

“Shopkeeper, please give the gold back to this guest.  I don’t know him nor am I his friend.  The food that I ate, I don’t need others to pay for me!”

Chen Ning suddenly cleared her throat and said.

Her voice was very clear.  Once everyone heard her, all that could be heard was the sound of everyone taking in a cold breath.

Everyone looked at her like she was a fool.  They were all wondering if she was just stupid.  There was someone offering to pay for her and she was not grateful to them?

Xiao Si and Xiao Ru’s chin both fell down as if they could not believe what they had just heard.

The black clothed man would not have imagined that his goodwill would actually be ignored like this!

His two black brows slowly rose up and his deep dark eyes instantly stared at Chen Ning as if he wanted to see through her.

The shopkeeper held onto the gold ingot.  His mouth was wide open as he thought about whether he had heard Chen Ning right.

Chen Ning did not even look that the black clothed man.  She went forward, taking the gold ingot from the shopkeepers hands and she threw it back at Xiao Si.

Xiao Si unconsciously caught it and immediately received a cold as ice gaze from his master.  His body trembled and the gold ingot he held almost fell onto the ground by his feet.

He looked over with a bitter face at Chen Ning.  He couldn’t understand, why did she throw the gold ingot at him instead of his master?

This was clearly wanting to harm him!

Although the black clothed man did not say anything, Xiao Si could understand that his master’s heart was filled with anger just like a giant tidal wave.  It could burst out at any moment.

At that time, the first person to suffer would be him!

“Miss, since you won’t be letting this guest pay for you, then please pay your bill yourself.”  Seeing the gold ingot disappear from his head, the shopkeeper felt pain in  his heart.  Then he impolitely turned toward Chen Ning once again.

“What checking out, I’m still not full yet.  Once I finish eating, of course I’ll be paying the bill.”

Facing everyone’s questioning gaze, Chen Ning slowly sat down and smiled at the storekeeper.

“Storekeeper, I heard from the waiter that your Tai He Floor’s chef was truly skilled.  Whether it was something that flies in the sky, something that runs on land, or something that swims in the ocean, he could make it all.  Do you agree with this?”

The shopkeeper revealed a smile without any hesitation and said, “Of course this is true.  Our Tai He Floor’s chef can make any kind of dishes.  As long as the guest can order it, there is nothing our chef cannot make!”

Everyone in the crowd already knew that this was not just boasting.  This restaurant had a large selection of dishes and was second to none in the capital.  Even the dishes made by the royal palace could not compare with this restaurant.

“Very good.”  Chen Ning was waiting for this one sentence.  Her eyes swept across the excited crowd and she slowly said, “You are the shopkeeper of the Tai He Floor.  The words you saw are just like water flowing, but you can’t take it back now.  In front of all these guests, they can all act as witnesses.”

“Of course.”  The shopkeeper gave a proud laugh, “I don’t know what dish this miss will order, but as long as you order it, our chef will definitely make it for you.  Un?  Waiter, why do you keep winking at me?  If there is a problem with your eyes, then go see a doctor.  If your eye keeps twitching like this in front of the guests, it would be highly inappropriate!”  He coldly said.

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  1. AquaticSilver says:

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