Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: The lice on a monk’s head

[TL Note: This means something obvious]

Once the shopkeeper heard this, he knew that he had wronged the waiter.

The way he looked at Chen Ning turned cold.

“Did you come to cause trouble at our Tai He Floor?  You want to ruin our restaurant’s reputation and then report back to your backer?  Not possible!”  The shopkeeper’s face was livid as he forcefully slammed the table.

A large tree draws wind in.  Tai He Floor was the number one restaurant in the capital, there were several other restaurants that were not satisfied with this.  They had long been secretly preparing to ruin the reputation of this number one restaurant.

So, the shopkeeper immediately decided that this master and servant were sent by other restaurants.  They were sent here to ruin the Tai He Floor’s reputation.

Shopkeeper, our words should be wrong, right?  I came to your Tai He Floor to have a meal, but you’re saying that I’m here causing trouble?  Is the customer not allowed to order dishes?  When did Tai He Floor come up with this kind of rule?”  Chen Ning blinked her eyes.

“It’s not that you can’t, but the four dishes that you ordered are clearly just you trying to cause trouble.  I believe that not to mention our chefs, even the chefs of the royal palace could not make these dishes.  If someone could make these four dishes, I will personally smash our Tai He Floor’s sign!”  The shopkeeper’s face fell as he angrily roared out.

“Aiyo, shopkeeper, are you angry?  You think that I’m just making it difficult for you and trying to get a free meal, right?”  Chen Ning lips pursed into a smile.

You’re not?

Everyone asked this one question in their hearts.

Even the black clothed man and Xiao Si were not exceptions.

This was like lice on a monk’s head, it was very obvious!

“Humph!”  The shopkeeper gave a heavy snort and gave her a silent agreement.

“If I said that I have a method to make these four dishes, then what?”  Chen Ning wasn’t angry.  She just smiled as she spoke.  

“If you can make these dishes, I won’t charge you for your meal and I’ll even give you a thousand silver coins!”  The shopkeeper gave a cold laugh.  It was very clear that he didn’t believe her.

“Good, then I’ll just earn a thousand gold coins from you today.  Someone bring a pen and some paper!”  Chen Ning swaggered over and sat down in a chair.

Pen and paper?

Everyone was surprised for a second, then they began to laugh at Chen Ning.

“This little girl has been boasting for this long, but it seems like she only knows how to talk?”

“It might not be like that?  I think she really has the skill to make a few phoenix dishes!”

“In the end she’s still just a swindler looking for a free meal!”

When the shopkeeper heard everyone insulting Chen Ning, he began to coldly laugh.

He said to the waiter, “Did you not hear what this divine chef just said?  Why are you not getting the pen and paper yet?  This divine chef wants to show her skills to us.”

His voice was filled with thick mocking tone.

Once everyone heard him, they all began to laugh.

Xiao Ru felt terrible and tears almost began to fall from her eyes.

It was all because of her loud mouth that everyone was now ridiculing her young miss.  It was all her fault, she really hated herself right now!

Although Xiao Si wanted to help, once he saw the black clothed man’s cold stare, he swallowed the words he was about to say.

If he caused his master to be ignored again, his master would not let him off.  He could not help them again.

Chen Ning supported her chin with her hand and used her clear as water eyes to look over the crowd that was criticizing her.  A smile was still on her face, like she was listening to the entire crowd showering her with praise.

But while she looked around, her eyes never swept across the black clothed man.

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