Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: Lot of money coming over

Xiao Ru’s eyes were wide open and she couldn’t help pulling on Chen Ning’s sleeve.  She then asked, “Young miss, we haven’t paid yet, right?”

Hearing this, Chen Ning almost couldn’t hold back her anger.

She stared over at Xiao Ru, almost wishing she could sew this little girl’s mouth together.

Xiao Ru, oh Xiao Ru.  If you speak, no one will think you’re a mute!

She sighed deep down in her heart.

Earlier, while she was insulting the waiter in front of everyone else, she was making use of a psychological loophole by using something unrelated to deny something else.  Even the knowledgeable shopkeeper of Tai He Floor did not realize that they had all been tricked by her and had allowed them to leave in their confusion.

But now that Xiao Ru had reminded them, Chen Ning knew that they could no longer smoothly walk away.

Naturally, once the two of them walked over to the door, they heard the waiter shout out, “Shopkeeper, don’t let them leave!  They haven’t paid for their meal yet!”

Once the large men heard this, they quickly went over to block the door.

The shopkeeper looked at the unfinished food on the table and he understood immediately what was going on.  He couldn’t help giving a cold laugh, “It seems like the two misses haven’t paid for their meal yet.  Since this miss says it’s very easy for you, the please pay the bill before leaving.  The two of you can even give a small waiter ten silver coins, it wouldn’t be possible for you to have no money to pay your bill, right?”

His voice was filled with ridicule as his heart filled with shame.

He had almost thought that he was very smart, but today he had been tricked by this fifteen to sixteen year old girl.

“Who says we have no money.  We, we do…..do have money!”  Xiao Ru’s face turned red and she was afraid to look over at Chen Ning.

She knew the trouble she caused and she anxiously bit her tongue in regret.

“Since you do have money, then please take it out.  If you don’t, then don’t blame me for sending you to the official’s office!”  The shopkeeper revealed a cold smile.

The guests around them finally understood what was happening.  It seems the two young ladies were trying to eat for free.

“Ze, ze, what exactly did this young girl learn.  She actually dares to swindle others for a free meal!

“That’s right, that’s right.  Society is truly declining everyday!”

Everyone began to accuse and ridicule them.

Xiao Ru almost wanted to hide under the table.  She really hated herself at this moment.  Why could she not control her tongue?  She had ruined the young miss’ reputation in front of all these people.

“Who says these two girls don’t have any money to pay for their bills!  Is this gold ingot not enough!  If it isn’t, then add another one!”

While everyone was accusing and ridiculing them, a blue clothed young man separated the crowd and led a tall black clothed man over.

The black clothed man had no expressions on his face as he reached out his hand and with a “dang” sound, a shiny gold ingot fell onto the table.

It shined like a bright golden flower.

“Wa, how extravagant!”

Everyone in the crowd filled with excitement.

The black clothed man had been listening and waiting for a long time.  He kept holding it in, waiting for the right opportunity.  He was waiting for the moment Chen Ning was completely trapped to make a move.

Because only like this, could he strongly affect her.  Only like this, could he leave a deep impression in her mind.

Now, that opportunity had finally come.

Xiao Ru was surprised and happy as she pulled on Chen Ning’s sleeve, “Young miss, it’s him!  It’s lots of money!”

Chen Ning looked over at the black clothed man, but she couldn’t help knitting her eyebrows together.

Her intuition told her that this lots of money man was someone who she shouldn’t mess with.  It was best to hide from him.

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