Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 635

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Chapter 635: You are finally here

“Ah!”  She uttered a short shout of shock before suddenly turning around to meet a pair of eyes that were like cold stars.

Instantly, she felt like she was in a dream.

Why did she meet Mo Chuan?

Impossible, impossible!

She wanted to reach out to rub her eyes, but in the next second, she was tightly held in a warm and gentle embrace.  That pure and warm scent fell onto her face, it was the scent of Mo Chuan.

She almost took a greed breath as she hugged his waist with her arms.  His waist was very strong. Because of her hug, his arms tightened and he hugged her even closer.

“Ning’er, Ning’er, I’ve been waiting here for a long, long time and you are finally here….”  His voice sounded in her ears, filled with pain and love. His large hands stroked her long, smooth hair.  He closed his eyes as joy filled the entirety of his body.

The two of them tightly hugged each other, with no one saying a word.

It was unknown how long had passed before he finally slowly released his arms.  She looked up in his embrace and the faint moonlight shined down on her beautiful face.  Her misty moon like eyes sparkled as her eyelashes had a trace of wetness to them.

She looked at him without blinking, looking at his handsome face, his eyes which were like mountains in the horizon, and his eyes which were deeper than the farthest stars.  There was endless affection in his eyes that she deeply indulged in.

He looked down and placed a kiss on her lips.

At first it was just a gentle touch, but he could not restrain himself afterwards.

His kiss soon turned fiery and passionate, causing the heat to pass through her lips into her heart, making her heart beat fast and her face red.  She could not breath and she could not speak.

Their breaths intertwined as they hugged each other.  Their heads were together and their lips were touching.

Her hands were gripped around his neck and he tightly held her waist, as if he wanted to bring her entire body into his chest.

The world revolved around them as their hearts filled with ecstasy.

She was kissed to the point where her brain stopped turning, feeling very fuzzy.  Her arms holding his neck weakly fell down as her body turned soft.

Mo Chuan’s arms covered her, stopping her from falling forward.

He reluctantly parted his lips from hers.  His eyes fell onto her face and his heart became tense.

Her eyes were closed and her lips were bright red from his kiss, but her face was completely white as snow.  He had never seen such a white face from her before.

Was she sick?  Or injured? Was she sleeping?  Or did she faint?

He tested her breath and found that it was normal, but she had lost consciousness and was softly laying in his embrace.

Did she faint from his kiss?

When Mo Chuan thought of this possibility, his face turned hot.

He had been too enthusiastic just now.  The flame at the bottom of his heart had completely melted him, making him unable to control himself.  He was like a lion that had been trapped for too long and had been suddenly freed, allowing him rampage without fear.

That feeling of intoxication made his brain explode with happiness, not caring about anything else.

He actually ignored her feelings.

Placing a soft kiss on her lips, he held her soft as cotton body in his arms, letting her comfortably sleep in his embrace for a while.

He did not know what happened to her these past three days and he didn’t dare ask.  No matter what kind of things had happened, he did not care. As long as she was in his embrace and her heart only had him, he cared about nothing else.

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