Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 636

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Chapter 636: Surging undercurrent

Turning around, Mo Chuan prepared to carry her away.

But as soon as he turned, his eyes suddenly froze.

On the other end of the alley, there was a tall and bulky figure silently standing there.  It was unknown how long he had been there and how much he had seen.

His back was against the moonlight and he was wearing a tight fitting black outfit.  His black cloak were like the wings of an hawk, fluttering in the breeze.

When he saw this person, Mo Chuan’s eyes turned as cold as ice and his hands holding her unconsciously became tense.

Although Na Mu Cuo did not say a word, Mo Chuan knew who he was, just like how Na Mu Cuo also knew who he was.

The two of them stared at each other.  They were separated only be a few feet, but there was an undercurrent surging.


Finally Na Mu Cuo gave a cold snort.  His ice cold eyes slowly moved down from Mo Chuan’s face and he looked at her in his embrace.

She was silently sleeping, but her lips were slightly upturned, filled with an intoxicating sweetness and smile.

This was something he had never seen on her face in these past three days, an honest smile from the heart.

When she was facing the person she truly loved, she could smile so sweetly and so charmingly.

Just like a heavy hammer, it slammed down against his heart.  He felt a bitter taste in his mouth.

Na Mu Cuo suddenly turned around and walked away with large steps.  That black figure quickly entered the dark night, disappearing without a trace like a ghost.

Mo Chuan watched him leave and his dark eyes sunk.

The sudden appearance of this man had brought a strong pressure to him.  He was like a beast waiting for an opportunity, staring at her like she was prey.

He couldn’t help tightening his grip on her.  It was like if he loosened his grip even slight, she would be snatched away by him.

His eyes suddenly fell onto her wrist and his breath could not help stopping.

Her wrists had been covered in a thick gauze with a trace of blood on it, clearly having been injured!

Mo Chuan’s heart instantly filled with pain, hugging her as he quickly left.

Chen Ning had been in a deep sleep for a long time.  Because of the large amount of blood lost and adding in the large amount of brain exercises she has had to use over the days, she had been in a very stressed state and hadn’t been able to properly rest.

When she fainted after seeing Mo Chuan, her mind finally relaxed.

So she went into such a deep sleep, not even having dreams.

She finally woke up and opened her eyes.  She was filled with joy and she was in a comfortable mood as she blurted out, “Mo Chuan!”

She remembered the fiery kiss that made her unable to breeze.  Then she felt the world spin around her and then she didn’t know what happened.

Thinking about it now, her face turned warm and her heart beat fast.  His kisses had always been warm and weak, but he never thought that he would be this enthusiastic.  He was that crazy, like he was on the edge of life and death.

Pei, pei, how could she think like that.  How could she say those inauspicious words!

“Young miss, you’re finally awake!”

Xiao Ru had been lying on the bed in a deep sleep.  When she suddenly heard Chen Ning’s voice, she woke up from her dream, instantly feeling pleasantly surprised.

“Xiao Ru?”

Chen Ning blinked and watch the messy haired Xiao Ru, feeling like this was familiar and unreal.

She found that when she was back in the Eldest Princess palace when she woke up.  Had Mo Chuan sent her back?

She blinked her eyes and looked outside the window.  She found that the window was filled with light. The sun had already risen and it was very bright outside.

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