Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 634

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Chapter 634: I’ll wait for you to come back

“What things?”  He stood there blinking.

“That imperial decree.”

Na Mu Cuo asked in a surprised voice, “The person you love is not the emperor?  What kind of things wouldn’t he give you if you wanted it? Why do you still care about this imperial decree?  Could it be…..you aren’t devoted to him?”

Chen Ning said with a serious expression, “Your highness, your curiosity is too strong.  This is a matter between me and him, it is not related to you.”

“Ze, ze, ze, I just feel that you are blind, loving the wrong person like Ya Li Xian.  You have loved a bastard that doesn’t deserve your love at all!”

Her face sunk, “Even if he is a bastard, as long as I like him, he is the man most worthy of my love in this world.  Is your highness satisfied with this answer?”

“Good, I am, very satisfied.”  He revealed a smile that was filled with confidence, “I will let you personally witness and hear how he sends you into this prince’s arms.”

“That day will never come!”  She raised her head.

“Since it’s like this, this prince will now send you to see the person in your heart.  If you have any words for him, you better tell him now because after tomorrow, you will be this prince’s woman.  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.”

He gave a proud laugh.  He called a servant over and ordered them to prepare a cart for her.

Her original clothes were returned to her and she held the imperial edict in her arms.  Like when she came, when she walked out of the room, Na Mu Cuo was standing in the yard.  A tall and bulky shadow was cast down by the moonlight and his face was staring at the moon.  His sharp features made him look very fierce, but they softened at this time because of the moon light.

It was like he was waiting for his lover.

Chen Ning did not spare him a single glance as she walked past him.

“Ah Ning.”

She suddenly heard his deep and beautiful voice from behind her.

“I’ll wait for your return.”  His voice was as low as a whisper.

She believed that only she had heard these words, but she didn’t turn around or stop, she just continued walking forward.

This had never been a place for her to stay, how could she come back?

It would never happen!

The place in her heart, that was the place for her.

A charming and melodious singing voice sounded, it was Na Mu Cuo’s singing.  It was deep and soft, filled with magnetism. The moonlight became drunk from his song and even the night blurred because of his singing.

The song seemed to be telling a story.  A proud young man had fallen in love with a charming young woman.  They ran across the grasslands, chasing each other and playing. The laughed as they explored every corner of the grasslands, but suddenly one day, the young girl disappeared.  The young man stood on the grasslands, day after day, waiting year after year. He sang his sad song until the young girl’s hair had turned white…..

She walked out of the guest palace’s gates in a single breath.  Those faint lyrics still lingered in her ears, especially the final few parts, filled with pain and anticipation.  Listening to the song in the silent night, her heart began to tremble.

The corners of her eyes were itchy and warm.  When she reached out to touch it, she found that her hands were wet.

Unknowingly, she had been moved to the point of shedding tears by his song.

Chen Ning began to move faster, so fast that she began to run.  She covered her ears as she ran, until she could no longer hear his song that was filled with magic.

She leaned against a wall while gasping, calming herself from the mood she felt listening to his song.

Suddenly, a large hand fell onto her shoulder.

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