Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: Making black seem like white

There were footsteps that came from the staircase, it was coming right for the room Chen Ning was in.

“Boss, these are the two girls that won’t pay their bills!”  The waiter led a middle aged man around forty years old in and pointed at Chen Ning and Xiao Ru as he spoke.

The middle aged man was a little fat and seemed quite kind.  Although he had heard the waiter say that there were people here trying to get a free meal, once he saw the young girls Chen Ning and Xiao Ru, he still cupped his hands and very politely greeted them.

“These two misses, is there something that is bothering you?”

His Tai He Floor was the number one restaurant in the capital.  As the Tai He Floor boss, he understand the logic that a friendly disposition led to money.

Even if he knew that the other side was here for a free meal, he still decided to be courteous to them.

His tolerance was very impressive.

Chen Ning gave a slight smile, then shook her head to denial, “There’s nothing that’s bothering us.  Shopkeeper, don’t listen to your waiter’s nonsense, we definitely are not here to eat a free meal.”

“Oh?”  The boss was surprised by what he heard and he looked over at the waiter.

The waiter quickly explained, “Boss, this little one isn’t lying.  They ordered a table of dishes and then refused to pay for it, this is clearly trying to get a free meal.  You can even see from their cheap clothes that they’re wearing that they definitely would not be able to pay for the meal!”

Chen Ning gave a cold smile and said, “You judge people on appearance only, but you still have no eyes!  If we did not have any money, then where did that ten silver coin in your sleeve come from?”

The waiter’s face turned red as he stammered, “This, this, this was given to me by you.”

“That’s right.  If I can give away ten silver coins to a little waiter, would I try to get a free meal?  Do you believe that?”  Chen Ning raised her head and confidently looked at the people around her.

Of course they wouldn’t believe it.

If such a generous person couldn’t pay their bills, wasn’t that a ridiculous joke?

Everyone present had the same idea.

The shopkeeper’s face sank, “Waiter, you actually dare to slander these two ladies!”  His tone was very severe and filled with anger.

“Boss, this little one…….This little one hasn’t.  This little one wouldn’t dare.”

The waiter began to sweat from his fear and his heart was filled with regret.

This girl was too slick with her words, she actually made black seem like white.  Even the boss did not believe what he said.

If he knew about this earlier, he wouldn’t have accepted the ten silver coins.  Now he wouldn’t be able to explain this even if he had a hundred mouths.

“Waiter, why are you still not apologizing to them!”  The shopkeeper then said.

The waiter was filled with grievances, but he did not dare disobey the boss’ orders.  He could only bear with it as he apologized to Chen Ning and Xiao Ru.

“This little one was blind and have offended the two misses.  This little one asks the two misses to please forgive this little one.”

“Forget about it, this lady will not sink to the same level as you.”

Chen Ning gave a generous laugh and cupped her hands towards the shopkeeper, “Shopkeeper is truly sensible, clearly differentiating between right and wrong.  Since the misunderstanding has been solved, then we’ll be leaving now.”

The shopkeeper smiled and nodded as he said, “This miss is truly open minded, we hope that miss will visit our restaurant again in the future.”

“I will, I will.”  Chen Ning smiled and nodded.  She then grabbed Xiao Ru’s hand and walked towards the door.

The men guarding the door put away their knives and sticks, allowing the two of them to pass.

Xiao Ru felt as if she was in a dream.  They had clearly not paid their bill, but after the young miss said a few words, they shopkeeper had actually allowed them to leave?

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  1. AquaticSilver says:

    Oh my god!

  2. joellyannee really says:

    Did she really just get away without paying the bill? Thanks for this chapter.

  3. Kiko says:

    My opinion of her is sliding down more and more. She seeks revenge and fairness when she herself schemes against honest people. She had 10 coins and could eat normally, but instead was greedy and went to the most expensive restaurant

  4. Kiko says:

    My opinion of her is sliding down. she seeks revenge and fairness when she herself schemes against honest people. She could eat ok with ten coins yet was greedy and went to eat at expensive restaurant

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