Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 624

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Chapter 624: Climb up and I’ll teach you


She angrily cursed out.  She turned her head away from the piece of fruit he offered and ignored the words he said, not paying any attention to him.

Na Mu Cuo had a proud smile.  The angrier she became, the happier he was.

On the road out of the city, the road became more and more narrow and rugged.  After a while, the carriage was unable to even proceed forward.

Na Mu Cuo had the driver stop and wait here.

He pointed at a tall mountain in front of them and said to her, “Can you climb to the top of this mountain?”

Chen Ning looked up saw the steep cliffs.  The mountain was covered in a layer of white fog that couldn’t be seen through.  There were rugged rocks everywhere and there wasn’t a path at all.

“You brought me out here just to climb mountains?”

“This prince just want to see if you are qualified to be this prince’s disciple.  If you want to learn this prince’s secret technique, that’s fine. As long as you can climb to the top of this mountain with your own strength, this prince will immediately teach you.”  He said.

“Your highness, do you not think you’re making this difficult on purpose?”  She gritted her teeth.

She did not have any climbing tools.  If she were to climb this mountain and such a dangerous looking one, before she even climbed up halfway, she would have already fallen to her death.

He revealed a grin to her, “It’s fine if you don’t want to climb.  As long as you request this prince to carry you up, this prince will do so.  After you climb the mountain, this prince will also teach you.”

The mountain here was very steep and the road he took was very hard to climb.  There were many cliff like walls everywhere and for a normal person who did not know qinggong, climbing this mountain was harder than ascending to heaven.

But for a qinggong master like Na Mu Cuo, reaching the summit was just a few breaths for him.

He deliberately made it hard for her, waiting for her to ask him to carry her up.

Did you not allow this prince to touch you?  This prince will make you personally ask this prince to carry you!

“No need!”

Chen Ning looked up and stared at him, reading all his thoughts.

Wanting her to give up?  Not possible!

Isn’t it just climbing a mountain?  She did not believe she couldn’t climb it.

Although she did not know martial arts, but she did have martial arts foundations, so her body was stronger than normal people’s.  Adding in the fact that Chu Shao Bai had given her a qinggong mantra, although it was only entry level, it was still very practical.

Only she never had time to practice it.  This would be the perfect opportunity to practice it.

She was meditating on the qinggong mantra while practicing how to use it.  She slowly became used to it and learned quite a bit of applications. It became much lighter whenever she stepped off and she climbed up the mountain much faster.

Na Mu Cuo had slowed his pace, following behind her, prepared to catch her at any second.

He watched her clumsy movements, swaying like a little duck learning how to walk.  She almost fell several times, but before he could even reach out to try to catch her, she would stand back up.

Stumbling on the way up, her clothes were completely soaked with sweat, tightly clinging against her body.  It was unknown when the little flower hat on her head was caught on a branch and taken away. Her white face was covered in sweat and dirt, making her look very awkward.

But her eyes were shining more than before.

Na Mu Cuo began to feel that she was completely different from Ya Li Xian.  She looked even more fragile than Ya Li Xian, but her will was stronger than bamboo.

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