Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 625

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Chapter 625: Fleeting beauty

“Your highness, you have to keep your words.  I’m already standing on the top of this mountain, can you start teaching me?”

Chen Ning had relied on her strong persistence to finally reach the top of the mountain.  She was already puffing and wheezing.

Na Mu Cuo stood behind her, but his face wasn’t red and he wasn’t out of breath.  His clothes were dry and clean like he had just put them on, without a single speck of dust on it.

The sun had turned red and was setting in the east at this time.  The evening clouds filled the sky, turning half the horizon red, creating a beautiful scene.

“Look!”  He pointed out at the setting sun and said a single word.

Chen Ning took several glances and she had to admit that the setting sun was indeed beautiful, but she didn’t climb to the top of the mountain just to watch the sunset!

“Is it beautiful?”  He asked.

Beautiful your ass!

She had exhausted all her strength and she looked for a rock to sit down on.  She couldn’t even breathe evenly, how could she be in a mood to see the sunset.

“Your highness, will you keep your word?”

“Observe.”  He said another simple word.

Observe?  Observe what?

“Na Mu Cuo!  If you called me out to climb a mountain to watch the sunset with you, you can watch by yourself.  I’m not interested in this.”

Chen Ning felt like her lungs were about to explode from rage.  When she had been climbing the mountain, she came in contact with danger several times, almost falling down and cracking her head.  She never thought that after she climbed the mountain, he would be casually watching the sunset.

“The most beautiful scenes in this world are all fleeting.  So, when I see this kind of beauty, I can’t help observing it, wanting to imprint this quick changing scene into my memory.  When I close my eye, I can still clearly see the sunset, changing every minute and every second in my mind. Over time, I had developed a habit.  When I see the ebb and flow, the sunrise and sunset, the smoke clouds over the desert, the mirage in the desert, or even fireworks, I would carefully observe it and remember this fleeting beauty.”

Na Mu Cuo did not turn around to look at Chen Ning.  He had been looking at the sunset on the horizon the entire time while speaking slowly.

His voice was low and beautiful like he was reciting a poem.

Chen Ning’s heart skipped a beat and her eyes shined bright.  She suddenly raised her head and looked at the sunset.

The red sun quickly descended from the mountain.  Just like Na Mu Cuo said, it was fleeting.

She had not looked at it for long before the horizon only had a faint red line and the sky had turned dark.

She closed her eyes and began to remember in her head.

Na Mu Cuo had his hands behind his back while he kept staring at her.

After a while, she finally opened her eyes.  Her eyes lit up and revealed a faint smile to him.

“Do you understand it all now?”

Actually there was no need to ask.  As long as he saw the expression on her face, he understood.  He already knew that she had already understood what he had said.

“Understood.  Your highness, thank you.”

“Very good.  I have already told you the technique, now all you need to do is practice.”

She understood what he meant and nodded.

The sky was already dark at this time.  She was standing on the high mountain with the sky dotted with stars above her.

She knew that there was already no suitable scenes for her to practice on unless she waited for the sunrise.  The wind blew across the mountain top and her sweat soaked clothes had been blown dry by the wind. If she continued being blown by this wind, she was not certain she wouldn’t become sick.

But she couldn’t become sick.  If she was sick, she would lose this competition.

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