Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 623

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Chapter 623: Don’t want something easy to acquire

She felt him come closer and put one hand against the carriage’s wall, trapping her in his arms, but not touching her.  As long as she moved, she would fall into his embrace.

This was a very ambiguous position.  If it was between lovers, it would be very romantic.  However, the closer he came towards her, the more disgust she felt.

“Your highness, I hope that you remember our three vows.”

She looked up into his scorching gaze.

“This prince of course remembers and won’t force you.  My little beauty, I don’t need to forcefully chase someone.  I’ll wait until the day you fall in love with me, throwing yourself into my embrace.”  He looked down and gave her a grin.

She said in her heart: Never happening.

There was a bright smile in her face as he stared into her eyes.

“You still have someone else in your heart, so you would rather jumped out of the cart to your death than to let me touch you, right?”

She did not say a word, but her expression told him everything.

Na Mu Cuo released the hand trapping her and calmly said, “After Ya Li Xian died, I have had many, many women.  I’ve found that there has never been a woman that has rejected me. I didn’t need to smile at her, I didn’t need to treat her nice, I didn’t need to sing love songs for her and she would still take the initiative to give me her heart.  Each woman worshipped me like a god and they all did it willingly. Ya Li Xian was the only person that has rejected me because the one she loved was not me. You are the second woman who has rejected me because the person you love also is not me.  So you can be assured, before you’re willing to accept this love, I won’t touch you.”

“If it’s like this, then I’ll thank you.”  She said in a low voice.

He revealed a teasing smile, “It sounds like you aren’t interested in my love for you at all.  Don’t you know, the more you reject me, the more interested I am in you because easily obtained things will be worth less money and are less interesting.  Do you know where all those women who threw themselves at me ended?”

“Did you kill them all?”

“Ha, ha, it seems like last night’s story has left a deep shadow over your heart.  This prince does not like killing people, especially women who love me. I can’t bear to kill them, but I also couldn’t stand looking at them.  So, when I was bored of their faces, I sent them into the barracks and rewarded them to my soldiers.”

He gave a proud laugh.

Chen Ning’s body trembled and she tightly bit her lip.

“Little beauty, don’t be afraid.  This prince likes you, I’m more interested in you compared to all of them combined.  Before this prince has seen through what thoughts your beautiful little mind has, this prince cannot bear to give you to those beast like men.  They will not understand your beauty and will only be interested in your body.”

When he finished talking about it like it was nothing important, he picked up a piece of fruit from the table for her.

“Try our East Qin Country’s fruit, isn’t it sweeter and more delicious compared to your West Chu’s fruit?  Just like our East Qin men, each one of them is a brave warrior. You still haven’t had a taste of a real man yet, right?  Wait until you become my woman, I’ll make it so you’ll never be able to bear separating from me.”

His evil eyes locked onto her gaze.

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