Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 622

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Chapter 622: Reason for liking you

This East Qin set of clothes was very different from the West Chu style.  It gave a better outline to her thin waist, making her look more slender and tall.

But it seemed like she had seen this set of clothes somewhere before.  The her in the mirror gave off a familiar feeling.

That’s right, it was Ya Li Xian!

That person painted on the human skin lantern was wearing the exact same outfit, no wonder it seemed so familiar.

“Na Mu Cuo, why did you make me put on her clothes?  Are you treating me as a replacement for Ya Li Xian?”

Hearing Chen Ning’s words, the female servants all took in a cold gasp.  They were thinking in their hearts that this girl actually dared to call his highness by name, his highness would surely fly into a rage.

However, Na Mu Cuo was not angry at all and he softly said, “No one can replace Ya Li Xian, this prince just feels that you look good wearing these clothes.  If you don’t like them, I can have them prepare a new set for you tomorrow. There is no time now, we’re leaving.”

He went to hold her hand, but Chen Ning moved back and said, “Your highness.”

His eyes had a faint trace of anger, “You won’t let this prince even touch your hand?  Don’t forget, right now you’re the one with a request for me!”

“Where are you taking me?”

“Long winded!”  Na Mu Cuo ran out of patience.  As soon as he said these two words, he suddenly came forward and grabbed her hand, taking her out the door and walking to the gate.

There was a four horse carriage outside the gate that was beautifully decorated.  The carriage itself was comfortably decorated with a thick rug, having a low table, soft cushions, fruits, and wine.

He pulled her into the carriage and said a sentence in East Qin language to the driver.  The driver raised the horse whip and flicked it, causing the horse carriage to begin moving forward.

Neither of them said a thing.

Chen Ning did not even look at him, she kept looking at the scenery outside the window.  It was much easier than facing him,

After hearing his story, she always felt a kind of indescribable restraint in her chest when she looked at him.  Her chest felt stuffed up, especially after hearing that he killed Ya Li Xian’s entire tribe, even turning her into a lantern.  She wanted to stay away from him.

She began to realize that she had provoked a very dangerous person.

“Why don’t you speak?  Has my story shocked and terrified you, and now you’re beginning to fear me?”

Na Mu Cuo had been looking at her, not missing a single expression on her face.

He had told her that story just to warn her, but when he saw her move away from him, it made his heart feel uncomfortable.

She finally turned her eyes to look at him.

“I’m not afraid, just disgusted.”

Her frankness did not make him angry, rather it made him burst out in laughter.

He looked at her with admiration, “You are the first girl who has dared to say something like this to me.  You are very brave and courageous, this is also the reason why this prince likes you. You are not just a beautiful face, you also have a beautiful mind.”

His scorching gaze was strong and aggressive.  It was like he was looking at her like she was a bird in a cage or a fish on deck.

She turned around and continued looking out the window, not saying a word.

“What kind of beautiful scenery is outside that makes your eyes linger for so long?  Could it be that this prince’s face can’t compare with the scenery outside?”

His narcissistic voice sounded in her ears before the curtains were pulled down, blocking the light coming in front outside.  The entire cart suddenly became much dimmer.

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