Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 621

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Chapter 621: The smartest person

Seeing her awaken from a nightmare and suddenly opening those eyes that were like Ya Li Xian’s, he fell into a trance.  It was like he had returned to his youth when he was obsessed with Ya Li Xian, making his voice unknowingly become soft.

Chen Ning raised her hand to wipe off the cold sweat and thought of the girl in her dream before saying, “I dreamed of Ya Li Xian.  I saw you tear off her skin and she also said something to me.”

“Is that so?  Did Ya Li Xian send a dream to you?  What did she say?” Na Mu Cuo stared at her as he spoke.

“She said that you are an absolute devil!”  She said word for word.

“Devil?  That’s right, I am a devil.  Then what is she? I treated her like an immortal of the heavens, but she fooled around behind my back with my guard.  She stepped on my pride and honour! Everything I did, it was forced by her and Ku Bu!” He gritted his teeth.

“Just because she and Ku Bu betrayed you, wasn’t killing the two of them enough?  Why did you take the lives of her entire clan, not even letting newborn babies off?”

He coldly said, “Just killing the two of them is not enough to vent his king’s anger.  Since she betrayed me, this prince would take the lives of her entire tribe as a price!  All those that betray this prince will suffer the same consequence!”

He coldly stared at her, “Even you are not an exception.  This prince is not your husband Chu Shao Yang, if you become my woman, I will not allow any betrayal.  Your heart will only have me and if you dare think of another man, I will dig your heart out and eat it bite by bite.  Then I’ll kill the man in your heart and his entire clan! If he is an emperor, I would even exterminate his country!”

Chen Ning stared at him and a chill ran over her body.  She slowly said, “Na Mu Cuo, you know quite a bit.”

He revealed smile which did not reach his eyes.  His eyes were completely cold, “I am the smartest person in this world, as long as I want to know something, there is nothing you can hide from my eyes.  So, you should never think of lying to me. Do you know the consequences of lying to me, un? Now, go take a bath, this prince is bringing you out.”

He clapped his hands and several female servants came in.  They were holding bathing items, preparing to help Chen Ning wash up.

“Where are you taking me?”  She asked.

“Where do you think this prince is taking you?”

“I still remember the agreement between us.  I will stay here, you will teach me.”

“Girl, you really are long winded.  This prince will give you half a cup of tea’s time, if you haven’t washed up by then, this prince does not mind taking you outside looking disheveled.”

After saying this, he walked out taking big steps.

He always kept his words, after half a cup of tea’s times he came back.  The female servants were currently helping Chen Ning put on a new set of clothes.  She did not care about what these people put on her, she was just thinking about how to take the secret technique from Na Mu Cuo’s head.

She looked up and found that Na Mu Cuo’s gaze looking at her was very passionate.  Her heart was shocked and she looked down at herself wearing the clothes that were draped to the ground, instantly feeling her view light up.

This was a completely different her.  Her long, flowing hair was put into several braids and there was a small flower cap on her head, looking very delicate.  She was wearing an embroidered robe with a belt on her waist and a pair of soft leather boots on her feet.

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