Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 620

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Chapter 620: Not giving you the chance

Chen Ning’s heart filled with a cold disgust.  She looked away from him and said in a cold voice, “Your highness, what is your goal in telling me this story?”

Na Mu Cuo said in a low voice, “I don’t know either.  Perhaps I have suppressed this in my heart too long or perhaps you make me think of Ya Li Xian because your eyes are the same as hers.  The first time I saw you, I almost thought you were her. However, you will not be Ya Li Xian. Even if you wish to become the second her, this prince will not give you this chance!”

He gritted his teeth and jumped up before leaving without looking back.

Waiting until the door was slammed shut and waiting until his footsteps couldn’t be heard anymore, Chen Ning finally let out a sigh of relief.  She could feel that her back was drenched in cold sweat.

She knew that although the story Na Mu Cuo told her was bloody and brutal, every word was true.  

Especially when she saw the lantern, a wave of nausea filled her throat again.

Pervert!  That man’s heart was already completely distorted!

She felt that she was crazy.  She was actually brave enough to want to make a deal with this man?  Perhaps her ending will also result in her being made into a lantern.

But she already had no way out and she could only grit her teeth as she continued forward.

She let out a breath and blew out the candle in the lantern before putting it into the closet.  If she had to face this human skin lantern, she wouldn’t be able to sleep.

When she blew out the lantern, she found that the sky was already bright.  She had been listening to Na Mu Cuo’s story for a long time now.

Na Mu Cuo had already promised that he would not touch her in these three days, so she was not worried about Na Mu Cuo returning.  She laid down on the bed, closing her eyes trying to sleep. Only when she had properly rested would she continue dealing with the East Qin Crown Prince.

But with her mind full of thoughts, how could she fall asleep?

Mo Chuan and Chu Shao Bai’s figure appeared in Chen Ning’s mind.  They must know that she was gone now and would try to find where she was.  Could that Zhui Feng who was as dumb as Xiao Ru understand what she meant by what she said?  Would he bring her message to Mo Chuan?

She finally fell into a faint sleep and also had a dream.  It was like she saw a beautiful girl in the dream with a pair of big, beautiful eyes.  She kept talking to her, but she couldn’t hear a single word.

“What did you say?  Louder, I can’t hear you!”  She shouted at the girl. That girl suddenly revealed a dazed look as a large hand reached out and grabbed that girl, causing her skin to come off.  That young girl turned into a pile of flesh on the ground, screaming out in pain.

She was shocked awake and her head was covered in a cold sweat.  As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw a tall and burly figure beside her.  It was currently looking down on her and that pair of cheetah like eyes was faintly glowing.

“Na Mu Cuo!”  She blurted out, unable to tell if this was still a dream or if it was reality for now.

His eyes kept staring at her intently, “You had a nightmare?  What was it about?”

Actually, he had been here for a long time already.  When she was still asleep, he had been by her side watching her.

When she was asleep, that pair of beautiful eyes which were like Ya Li Xian’s were hidden by dense and long eyelashes, but he was still in a daze looking at them.

That dark and shiny hair draped down on the pillow like clouds and her face was like snow, bright and unparalleled.

Looking at her now, she was not like Ya Li Xian, but rather she was even brighter and more elegant.

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