Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 619

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Chapter 619: Not letting a single one off

“The tribe leader’s head rolled onto the ground with frozen eyes.  Ya Li Xian gave a terrified scream as I held her with one hand and swept out with the machete in my other hand.  Heads flew into the air and my clothes were quickly soaked in blood. My eyes turned red from killing and not a single person was let off, even the newborns were cut in half.  Finally, the world turned silent. I turned around and stared at the naked man on the ground. I slowly walked over to him and my blood soaked machete fell to the ground. Ya Li Xian had already fainted, but she suddenly woke up.  She hugged my chest and cried, ‘Ah Cuo, I beg you, don’t kill him. It is my fault, everything is my fault, it isn’t related to him.’ I turned to look at her and asked without any expressions, ‘Your meaning is that you seduced him?’  Ya Li Xian’s face turned white and she bit her lips without saying a thing. Ku Bu shouted, ‘I seduced her, kill me if you want to kill someone! Don’t touch her!’ I coldly stared at him, “Ku Bu, although you are my guard, I have always treated you as my best brother.  Why would you betray me and poison me?’”

When Na Mu Cuo spoke to this point, that deep and low voice suddenly turned sharp like the situation of that day appeared in front of his eyes again.

Chen Ning’s body couldn’t help turning cold.  She had been blocking her ears, but her hands slowly came down.

She heard Na Mu Cuo continue saying, “Mu Bu looked at me who was filled with killing intent and revealed no fear at all.  He loudly shouted, ‘Because Ya Li Xian does not love you at all, she has always loved me and never loved you! But her father clearly knew this yet still insisted on giving her to you because you are the crown prince and I am just a guard!  Because you can bring peace and prosperity to his tribe, so he broke apart me and Ya Li Xian. Ya Li Xian had no choice but to agree to marrying you for her tribe! Na Mu Cuo, you have always been aloof, proud, and arrogant. You never would have thought that although not a single part of me can compare to you, but Ya Li Xian fell in love with me!  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!’ He wildly laughed. I knew that he was trying to provoke me so I would kill him with a single slash, but I wouldn’t fall for his trick. He stole my most loved woman, how could I let him die so easily.”

Na Mu Cuo turned his head and looked at her.  His eyes were filled with an explosive wildness that made her back covered in a layer of cold sweat.

“I already told you what happened afterwards.  I skinned Ya Li Xian and turned her into this lantern, so she could always be with me.  No matter where I went, as long as I bring this lantern and see it, it is like seeing Ya Li Xian and she will never betray me again.  You said that I sent them to heaven and they are living a very happy life now, but you don’t know that Ya Li Xian will never be able to go into heaven because she is no longer whole after being sent to the sky burial execution ground and her skin is here with me.  He, he, my story ends here. Little beauty, did you enjoy hearing it?”

His expression once again returned to calmness.  He was stroking the human skin lantern while grinning at her.

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  1. loullax says:

    It’s quite tragic being betrayed like that.

  2. Crissy says:

    Thank you! Even then the girl never did love him.

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