Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 618

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Chapter 618: How much love in the past, how much hate there is now

“Ya Li Xian gave a low cry and buried her face deep in Ku Bu’s chest, clearly unable to look at me.  Ku Bu looked up and said in a shaking voice, ‘Master, I…..I…..I…..’ He clearly never thought that I would appear here.  I did not listen to another word as I poked his acupuncture point and threw him out the window. There was only me and Ya Li Xian left in the room.  Her soft as a newborn baby’s body was in front of my eyes and it was even more beautiful under the moonlight.”

“This was a scene I dreamed off.  I had thought of her body for a long time and it was even more beautiful than I imagined.  If it was a normal time, I would have already thrown myself over, but not a single ripple passed through my heart.  I just stared at her without looking away. I wanted to see what kind of heart this girl had under that beautiful appearance!  Ya Li Xian was panicked, but she raised her head and said while staring at me, ‘Ah Cuo, it was I who wronged you, so kill me.’ She then closed her eyes.  I gave a cold laugh, ‘Is it that easy if you wish to die?’ I pulled her off the ground and rubbed my hands all over her. Her skin was very soft, even silkier than milk.  I used a lot of force and her tears came out from the pain, but she bit her lips and did not make a sound. I said, ‘Didn’t you always refuse you let me touch you? Why are you not calling out now that I’m touch you?  Shout for me!’ I suddenly used more force and she gave a sharp cry. Her whole body was trembling and her beautiful eyes were filled with tears. I stared at her face and my heart felt no pity at all. In that moment, I realized that I hated her!  How much love I felt for her before, that was how much hate I felt for her now!”

When Chen Ning heard this, her face turned completely red.  She covered her ears and said, “Stop talking, I don’t want to hear anymore.”

She knew that if Ya Li Xian fell into his hands, would she still have a good ending?  She did not want to hear scenes that were not suited for children.

Na Mu Cuo did not care as he was already immersed in the past.  Although Chen Ning had covered her ears, his words still came in word for word.

“Ya Li Xian suddenly threw herself into my embrace and she tightly hugged me as she cried, ‘Ah Cuo, I’ll give myself to you.  I will dedicate myself to you, I ask you to spare my tribe, alright?’ I stared at her and said nothing. She stretched out her orchid like arms and held my neck, stepping up on her tiptoes and kissed me.  If I didn’t know the matter between her and Ku Bu, I would have fainted from excitement. However, I just coldly stared at her and when her lips were about to touch mine, I forcefully pushed her away. She fell to the ground and looked at me in horror as I said, ‘You truly are dirty!  You are not worthy of the pure feelings I had for you. Ya Li Xian, I want you to personally see how I kill!’ I grabbed onto her hair and pulled her out the door. There were a large group of people outside, they were all people of Ya Li Xian’s tribe.

“When I saw this, a smile appeared on my lips.  The tribe leader came over, he was Ya Li Xian’s father.  With a frown, he said to me, ‘Ah Cuo, what are you doing.  How can you treat Ya Li Xian like this, you aren’t married yet!’  I just had a cold smile and said nothing. Ya Li Xian realized the killing intent around  me and she desperately shouted, ’Dad, run! Dad, run!’ The tribe leader was shocked and he did not understand what was happening, but the machete in my hand had already flew out and a shower of blood fell onto Ya Li Xian’s face.”

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