Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 609

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Chapter 609: Exotic delicacies

When she came out of the bathroom, Na Mu Cuo was standing by the window, looking out in thought.

When he heard her footsteps, he turned around and saw her brand new look.  His eyes lip up and his smile revealed his white teeth as he went over to greet her.

“You are really beautiful wearing this, you’re just like one of our East Qin women.”

He stood three steps away from her, looking her up and down like he was appreciating a piece of art.

Chen Ning pursed her lips and said nothing, allowing his gaze to look up and down her body.

In his eyes, she was just a piece of prey that had fallen into his claws.  He was just thinking about how he was about how he was going to eat her.

“Sit, I’ve prepared some of the best our East Qin dishes for you.”

Na Mu Cuo also changed into a new set of clothes.  His tight fitting and cropped clothes made his body tall and straight.  He stood upright with his chin slightly raised. His entire figure released a charm that made people sigh, it was just like a wild and proud horse, rough and charming.

He smiled at her again and those eyes which contained a smile was even darker than his hair.

Chen Ning had already smelt the entice aroma of the food.  She looked down and saw many dishes and fruits placed on the table.

She sat down without any reservations and began to fill her stomach.

“Try this one, it was something that I specially ordered them to make.”

Na Mu Cuo sat down on the cushion and pushed a crystal plate in front of her.

“Not bad, it’s pretty good.  Your highness, thank you for your hospitality.”

In the crystal plate, there was a snow white fruit cake that had a fragrant aroma.  When she tried a mouthful, a sweet taste touched her tongue that was fragrant and smooth.

She also drank a cup of liquid that was cool and sweet, but could not figure out what it was.

In fact, she did not know what most of the things she ate were, but the taste were all very delicious.

“I never thought that you would like our East Qin food this much.  You are the first girl that I have ever met with this kind of courage.”

Na Mu Cuo looked over the dishes she had swept through and revealed a pleasant smile.

“Courage?”  Chen Ning asked in strange voice, “You should be saying that my appetite is good, right?”

He smiled and his eyes sparkled, “Do you know what you just ate?”

He pointed to a plate where barbecued skewers had just been laying which were cleanly eaten by her in just a few bites.

“Grilled meat.”  She replied with traces of wanting more.

“It was mountain bat meat.”  After he said this, he looked at her evilly waiting for her face to change.

Chen Ning just blinked and said without any changes in her expression, “It tasted very delicious, but there wasn’t a lot of it.  Your highness should ask your cooks to make some more next time.”

This shocked Na Mu Cuo.

She was the first person that did not make a single sound after learning they had eaten mountain bat meat.

There weren’t even East Qin girls that were as brave as she was.

“Do you know what this is?  This is vole meat, these are frog legs, these are….”  He pointed at the dishes one after the other while speaking.  He was also looking at her face while he was speaking.

He did not believe that her expression would not change!

Chen Ning revealed a smile, “These are all exotic dishes.  I must thank your highness for your hospitality, letting me eat all these dishes I normally wouldn’t eat.”

Na Mu Cuo couldn’t help sweating.

He ordered the servants to prepare this, but it wasn’t with any good intentions.  He just wanted to scare her, but he never thought that such a weak looking girl would have nerves even firmer than old bamboo.

He did not scare her, but rather he had received a scare.

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