Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 610

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Chapter 610: Blessing

“Alright, since you’ve eaten enough, let’s talk about some serious things.”

He clapped his hands and servants came in to clear the table.  They also sent in two war cups of tea and some freshly cut fruits.

This was clearly for entertaining guests.

Chen Ning raised her brow as she silently drank her tea.  It was a bit salty and bitter, but it was also fragrant and rich.  She drank it all in one breath.

“You’re this assured in me?  Are you not afraid this prince will put medicine in the food and drinks at all?”

Na Mu Cuo silently watched her as he spoke.

Chen Ning revealed a faint smile and replied, “I believe in your highness’ character, you will not do an underhanded matter like this.”


“If your highness wants a woman, your body is the best medicine.  You do not need to drug the food and drinks at all.” She replied in an unperturbed voice.

Na Mu Cuo couldn’t help breaking out in laughter as his eyes lit up.

“You are praising this prince in front of me.  What, have you already found this prince’s charm and have begun to fall for me?”

Chen Ning smiled, but said nothing.

“I like to hear you speak.  Your voice is more beautiful than a nightingale on the prairies, your eyes are even more enchanting than the stars in the sky, and your face is like the ever open snow lotus on the mountain caps, always filled with charm.  As long as I look at you, my heart will always be filled with tranquility. My little beauty, you have already washed yourself, now you should offer your body to this prince.”

Na Mu Cuo spoke as he moved towards her, reaching out to hold her chin.  He looked into her enchanting eyes and used his rough fingers to slide across her smooth face.

“It is not the time yet.”  She calmly stated.

“Then when will it be time?  This prince will tell you, in our East Qin, as long as this prince has his eyes set on a woman, there has never been one that has rejected this prince!  If this prince is willing to take a girl, it is a blessing to her!”

“It is a pity this is West Chu and not East Qin.  I am a West Chu citizen, so I do not dare accept your highness’ blessing.”  She said with a faint smile.

“Is that so?  You have continuously rejected this prince, is it because you don’t like me?  Or is it because your status does not allow you to agree to me?”

The hand holding her chin suddenly used force and a pair of hawk like eyes stared right into her, not containing a trace of a smile.

Chen Ning’s heart skipped a beat, but her face still maintained its indifference.

“My status, what status?”  She said while blinking.

“He, he, you think you can hide it from me?  You are not a normal person. Your father is the respected West Chu great general Chen, your name is a single Ning word, and you have already married someone.  Your husband is surnamed Chu and is called Chu Shao Yang. He is the West Chu’s King Ding Yuan, so your status is the respected Ding Yuan Princess! Princess, is there anything wrong with this prince’s words?”

He really did know her identity!

Chen Ning said with a faint smile, “Your highness really is the smartest person in the world, being able to find out who I am in this short period of time.  Admirable, admirable.”

She had just gone to take a bath, but his attitude to him towards her was already different from before.  It really did exceed her expectations.

Na Mu Cuo’s expression became serious and he said with a snort, “Wanting to play tricks in front of this prince, that person still does not exist yet!  This prince had already known that your status was not normal, but I never would have thought that you would be a princess in the West Chu Country! You clearly are a princess, but you deliberately approached this prince, just what is your goal!”

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