Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 608

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Chapter 608: Cleaning the tribute

Dealing with Na Mu Cuo was like standing on the blade’s edge, making her tighten her nerves at every single second.

She did not know where Na Mu Cuo was taking her, but being carried in his arms the entire time, she began to feel different.

His body was no longer as cold as ice, but rather it was the same temperature as a normal person.

Why did this change suddenly occur?

Could it be because of the hot spring?

She began to think of the first time she met him.  At that time, he had suddenly appeared and then jumped into the hot spring.

However, before she had time to think about this, Na Mu Cuo had stopped.  He pulled off the cloak covering her and placed her onto the ground.

The view in front of her lit up.

“Where is this place?”  She looked up to look around herself.

This was a luxuriously decorated room with a thick wool rug on the ground that was soft and warm to the touch.  There was a crystal bead curtain in front of her and finely crafted copper lamps on the wall. When the lamps shined down on the curtain, it released a blurry and illusory glow.

There was a short table on the rug, but there were no chairs, only having a few cushions there.  The entire room had an exotic feel to it, it was completely different from the style of the West Chu country.

“The guest palace, but this entire room was decorated with the style of our East Qin country.  Do you like it?”

Na Mu Cuo grinned at her, revealing his straight, snow white teeth.  His smile was filled with confidence because he could see from her expression that she liked this place.

He clapped his hand and several servants came in.  They were holding a large bathtub that was releasing steam, bringing it into the bathroom behind the crystal bead curtain.

“You highness, the things have been prepared.”  The servants bowed down to Na Mu Cuo.

Na Mu Cuo nodded, “Summon the female servants in.”

Very quickly, four female servants came in carrying trays with clothes and towels on them.  The room was instantly filled with the fragrance of flowers allowing people to clear their mind after smelling it.

“My little beauty, this was all specially prepared for you.  Go and take a bath, you will feel refreshed.”

He waved his large hand and the female servants brought Chen Ning into the bathroom without saying a single word.

Chen Ning bit her lower lip and just stared at the steaming bathtub.

Was this cleaning her up before she offered herself?

“I won’t take a bath!  Don’t touch me!”

The female servants began to pull off her clothes.  She tried to block them, but these female servants all knew kung fu and soon she was pushed down into the bathtub.

It was unknown what fragrance was inside the water, but it released a refreshing smell.  When she soaked in the warm water, she began to lose her consciousness.

Since she could not escape, she would relax herself and allow the female servants serve her in the bath.

When she came out of the tub, her skin was like half transparent crystal, smooth enough that it was enough to move anyone that saw it.

“Where are my clothes?”

She found that the clothes the servants gave her were not the clothes she had been wearing, but rather a beautiful and bright set of clothes with East Qin characteristics.

The female servants did not know the West Chu language and just gestured to her.  They were signalling to her that her clothes have already been taken and thrown away.

Chen Ning was speechless.  She could only wear this set of clothes that was completely different from the West Chu styled clothes.

She found that the clothes fit her perfectly.  When she put them on, she looked especially slim, giving her a special charm the West Chu clothes could not give her.

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