Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 607

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Chapter 607: Her plan

Since all this has been said, if Zhui Feng still did not understand what it meant, his wooden head could be cut off and used as a stool.

“Her?  It’s the Princess Consort?”  Zhui Feng’s mouth was as wide as a toad’s and his eyes almost popped out.

This…..was simply too unbelievable!

He never would have even imagined it in his dreams.

“The so called knowing your enemy to never lose a battle.”  Chu Shao Bai said softly.

Like this, Zhui Feng understood everything and he patted his head, as he suddenly said with a tone of realization, “So it’s like this!  The Princess Consort was truly well intentioned, but doing this, isn’t it too dangerous? That Na Mu Dui….No, Na Mu Cuo clearly does not have good intentions towards the Princess Consort and the Princess Consort does not know martial arts.  She is a weak girl and if she falls into the East Qin Crown Prince’s hands…..This is bad, this is very, very bad! This subordinate must immediately report to the emperor!”

Zhui Feng was covered in more cold sweat the more he thought about this.  He admired Chen Ning’s courage and was also worried for her.

“Your highness, do you really believe the Princess Consort has the ability to protect herself?  Are you not worried for her at all?”

“I believe her.”

Chu Shao Bai firmly said.

In this world, he could not become the person that she loved the most, but he was the one that understood her and believed in her the most.

It was because he understood her that he knew that once she set her mind on something, she would surely complete it.

Since she decided to stay by Na Mu Cuo’s side, what he could do was silently help her finish her desire, instead of stopping her for his own selfishness.

Even if his heart had already been taken away by her and his chest was now completely empty, only leaving behind a burst of intense pain.

How could he not be worried?

“Your highness….”  Zhui Feng also seemed to realize something.  He opened his mouth and wanted to comfort Chu Shao Bai, but he did not know what to say.

“Then…..what do we do now?  Should we report this matter to the emperor?  If the emperor found out…..” Zhui Feng awkwardly scratched his head.

He was worried that after the emperor found out, he would drop everything to go to the guest palace and ask the East Qin Crown Prince for her back.  Wouldn’t this ruin the Princess Consort’s plan?

“You can just report back, I believe the emperor will surely understand her intentions.  The emperor…..will understand.” Chu Shao Bai softly said.

He believed in her eyes.  The man that she picked would surely be connected to her heart.

He thought he was that lucky person in the past, but it was too late, he had come back too late!

As Chu Shao Bai expected, Chen Ning did indeed go with Na Mu Cuo deliberately.

Ever since she found out that Na Mu Cuo was the East Qin Crown Prince, she had thought of a dangerous plan in her mind.  It was that she had to find a way to stay by Na Mu Cuo’s side.

There were still three days before the competition, but she did not know anything about instantly memorizing things.  The only person that could help her learn this method was Na Mu Cuo!

The execution of this plan was very dangerous because she did not know anything about Na Mu Cuo.  She could only rely on reading his expressions, his tone, and his body language to determine what kind of person he was.

He was a very aggressive, proud, and conceited person.  Although his pride did contain a bit of innocence, he was like a cheetah that was interestingly gazing at his prey.

If she was not careful, she would be eaten without a trace left behind.

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