Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 600

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Chapter 600: Losing in a single move

Na Mu Cuo said with a smile, “This brat’s martial art isn’t bad, but his mouth is powerful.  His way of insulting people is very ugly to hear.”

His throwing technique was very refined.  Zhui Feng’s back was slammed into the ground and he felt a sharp pain before he could move his limbs again.

Zhui Feng jumped up like a carp, looking at Na Mu Cuo with eyes of astonishment.

He thought that he only fell for his tricks because of a secret attack.  Who would have thought that Na Mu Cuo’s one move would be such highly skilled, he knew that he could never accomplish this!

“Hey, brat, who are you to her?  Are you her husband? Or her lover?”  Na Mu Cuo pointed at Chen Ning while casually asking.

Zhui Feng’s face couldn’t help turning red as he angrily said, “What nonsense are you speaking, I’m not anyone!”

“What, he is not a human?”  Na Mu Cuo stared at him and gave a loud laugh.

Zhui Feng’s face turned red to his ears, “My meaning is that I’m neither her husband or her lover.”  How could he have the courage to have ideas for his master’s woman.

Na Mu Cuo stopped laughing and suspiciously looked at him, “Then you’re her secret admirer?”

“No as well!”  Zhui Feng said in a frustrated voice.

He found that he was not a match for this man, but the princess was in his hands, so what could he do?  Should he rush up to fight this man and allow the princess escape? Should he find a chance to sneak away and report back to the emperor?

He could not make a decision in his mind right now.

“Hey, stinky brat, your eyes are turning around, it’s clear you have bad intentions!  You shouldn’t think of lying to me!” Na Mu Cuo raised his large palm and he squatted down, suddenly pressing down at Zhui Feng’s shoulder.

Zhui Feng moved back.  In the moment he dodged this grasp, his right hand suddenly went to his waist, with a silver snake like whip appearing in his hand.

This was his weapon which he did not easily use.  This time he knew that he had met an enemy he could not deal with, so how could he care about the rules of martial arts.  The other side was this powerful, he was not a match if he didn’t use a weapon.

His silver whip flew out creating sharp wind, flying past Na Mu Cuo’s face at a sharp angle.

“Hei, hei, such small skills, you’re not embarrassed to take it out to make a fool of yourself!  Your skills with the whip are still lacking, let father teach you how to use a whip!” Na Mu Cuo said with a cold look.

Zhui Feng suddenly felt his whip becoming tight as it was grasped by Na Mu Cuo.

He was taken aback.  Forcefully pulling back, he shouted, “Let go!”

Na Mu Cuo said with a smile, “Alright, I’ll let go and give it back to you!”  He suddenly let go.

Zhui Feng was currently pulling back, how could he have thought that the other side would let go.  This force was transferred back to his own body as he felt a sharp pain in his chest, like a hammer slamming into him.  His mouth suddenly filled with a sweet flavour as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

He saw a silver flash in front of his eyes as he heard a whipping sound.  He did not know when Na Mu Cuo had taken his whip from him, but now it was coming at him.

He did not have time to dodge and he was actually trapped by his own whip, unable to move at all.

“Stinky brat, do you give up?  Have you learned this move yet?”  Na Mu Cuo saw his sorry appearance and he gave a proud laugh.

Zhui Feng’s face turned red as he was filled with shame.

Although he knew that he was not a match, he never would have thought that before he could make a single move, he would have already lost.  Not only had he been made to spit out blood, he was also trapped by his own weapon.

If his master were to see this, he would have no face left at all.

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