Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 599

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Chapter 599: Hitting him until he begs for mercy

“That’s right, could it be that he is your little love?  It really is more wasps gather around a fragrant flower, one or two more are really annoying!  However, they are all not a match for this prince!” The East Qin Crown Prince hugged her, walking away from the hot springs.

He knew that there were several warm which were beautifully decorated, but were never used by anyone.  So, he openly took this place for himself, treating it as his home and living here.

“Wait a minute!”  Chen Ning suddenly spoke out because she knew what he wanted to do.  If he was allowed to carry her into the room, she would become a bird in a cage, unable to ever escape.

“What?  You don’t like going inside?  You like being here? Ha, ha, having the sky as a cover and the earth as a mattress, this prince likes it!”  He raised his head to give a loud laugh.

Chen Ning’s face couldn’t help turning red as she scolded, “Rogue!”

“Liu Feng?  This prince has already told you, I am not surnamed Liu nor am I called Liu Feng.  You still don’t know this prince’s name? I am name Na Mu Cuo, but this prince likes you and is willing to give you a special honour, so you can call me Ah Cuo.”  He revealed a grin and his white teeth shined under the stars, like a beast showing off it fangs.

Na Mu Cuo?  Ah Cuo?

This person was really like his name, everything was wrong about him!

“Alright, Ah Cuo, I want to see him!”  She directly said to him.

He smiled because he liked her straightforward personality, it was like a woman of the East Qin Country!  He was only 30% interested in her before, but now it had become 50%.

“You want to see who?  Your little lover? Alright, this prince is in a good mood today, so I’ll let you see each other once.  But you can’t go with him, otherwise this prince will kill him!”

“Alright, I won’t go with him.  Let me down first.”

Na Mu Cuo placed her down and placed his two large hands onto her shoulders.  He leaned over and said to her with a smile, “Are you starting to fall in love with me?  Do you like me? Or do you like my song? Also, my face doesn’t look that bad, right?”

His complacent, proud, and arrogant manner almost made her unable to hold back.

She had never met anyone as narcissistic as him before.  Thinking of how he was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, with his respected status and how smart he was, he had never met any setbacks before.

Everyone would bow down when meeting him, trying to please him in every way, so that’s why he developed this kind of personality.

“What if I told you I don’t like you at all?  I don’t like you, I don’t like your song, and I don’t like your face, would you let me go?”  She said while giving him a serious gaze.

“What did you say?  You don’t like me? How is that possible!  How can’t this prince compare to your little love!  Why do you love him and not me?” Na Mu Cuo looked at her in disbelief before gritting his teeth, “Alright, you just wait.  I’ll bring him here to see you now. I will hit him until he begs for mercy in front of you!”

He turned to leave as soon as he finished speaking.

Very quickly, she heard a loud voice cursing, “You are despicable and shameless, even using sneak attacks, what kind of hero are you!  You are just a despicable villain! If you have skills, free your grandfather! If you have skills then have a head on fight with your grandfather!”

It was Zhui Feng, it wasn’t Mo Chuan!

She bit her lips, thinking this was bad.  If even Zhui Feng had fallen into Na Mu Cuo’s hands, then who would go back to report to Mo Chuan?

Na Mu Cuo suddenly walked forward.  He was tall and long armed, grabbing Zhui Feng like picking up a chicken before throwing him back down on the ground.

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