Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 601

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Chapter 601: He is this stupid

“Let go of me! No, let go of her!  If you want to kill someone, kill me, let her leave!”  Zhui Feng’s heart trembled as he loudly shouted out.

He knew that his silver whip was made of silver and gold mixed with a special metal, making it especially tough.  Even if he used his internal strength to break it, it still would not break.

Since he could not leave, he would most likely die.

Only he did not know where this black clothed man had appeared from.  His life was being lost in such a wrong way!

“Hee, hee, brat, are you an idiot?  You can even speak this kind of stupid words?”

Na Mu Cuo couldn’t help shaking his head at him.  He pulled Chen Ning over and pointed at Zhui Feng as he said, “You like this kind of idiot?  Tell me, don’t you think he is a fool?”

Zhui Feng was filled with anger.  The vein on his forehead popped out as he roared out, “Are you still a human?  Do you know how to speak the human language! You are a fool! You are stupid!”  

“If you’re not a fool, how could you say something this stupid?  What do I have any reason to keep you here, I’m not interested in men, not interested in killing you, and not interested in beating you.  I’ll tell you, I’m interested in her and I want her. If you’re not satisfied, then come fight me!”

Zhui Feng’s face turned red before turning purple.  Hearing these words, his words had turned completely black.

“You….You…..You are truly brave!  Do you know who she is! She is…..”

Before he could finish, Chen Ning came forward and cut him off.

“Zhui Feng, be quiet!”

She turned around and said to Na Mu Cuo, “Ah Cuo, you are mistaken.  He is not my husband or my lover, he is just my guard.”

Na Mu Cuo looked into her eyes and said, “He is just your guard?  You really don’t like him?”

“Of course not.  I’m this smart and he is this dumb, how could I like him!”  Chen Ning gave Zhui Feng a cold laugh.

“……”  Zhui Feng’s face had turned green.

“Not bad, not bad.  This kind of green youth, this silly brat, he is not worthy of being your guard.  How about it, are you willing to be with me?” He intensly looked at her.

She gave a calm laugh, “Being with you isn’t that bad.  Your singing is very good and your looks, aren’t bad…..”

Na Mu Cuo heard this and couldn’t help laughing.

Zhui Feng’s body began to tremble with anger.  He stared at Chen Ning, simply not daring to believe that the emperor would like this woman.  She was actually smiling at the man that had kidnapped her! She had even intimately called him, Ah Cuo!

Ah pei!

He forcefully shouted, “Chen…..Chen…..You…..You’re shameless!  How can you make it up to the emp……” He suddenly closed his mouth.

Chen Ning coldly stared at him, “I’ll do what I want, what does it matter to you?  Ah Cuo, if he dares insult me again, you can use mud to block his mouth!”

Na Mu Cuo’s laugh filled with happiness as his eyes began to light up.

“Ha, ha, good.  Since you are not related to him, then I’ll just let him go!  I’ll bring you to another place!”

Na Mu Cuo grabbed her hand and brought her into the air.  The black cloak opened in the darkness like a gallant goshawk, flying over the courtyard.

Hearing a few soft footsteps, in the blink of an eye, he had already disappeared with Chen Ning.

Zhui Feng’s eyes popped out as his eyes went blood red, wishing that he could chase after them.

He used all his strength to break the silver whip binding him.  He heard a “zheng, zheng” sound, but it just bent without breaking.

When he created this silver whip, he was worried it wasn’t tough enough, so he added a special metal to it.  Now he was thinking that it was too tough.

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