Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 598

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Chapter 598: Hateful fellow

This was his first time seeing such a beautiful and smart girl.  If he were to let her go like this, he would not be the smartest person in the world, but rather the dumbest person in the world.

“This prince plans on making you my woman.” He had a bright smile as he prepared to look at her flustered appearance.  It would certainly be as cute as an angry little kitten.

Chen Ning looked up and met his gaze.  His eyes were like an eagle’s, sharp and cold.

“I think the Crown Prince should not have fallen for me, right?  I should tell the Crown Prince that I am already married.” She said in a soft voice.

“Oh, already married?  You mean you already have a husband?  Is it the black clothed man that wanted to kill me that day, or is it the white clothed brat that was with you tonight?  Or is the both of them?” The East Qin Crown Prince revealed a grin, revealing an uncaring expression.

Chen Ning bit her lips, this East Qin Crown Prince was more difficult to deal with than she imagined!

Wasn’t he the respected prince of a country?  How could his skin be so thick?

“Little girl, so what if you’re really married?  Our East Qin Country is not like your West Chu, we don’t care about all these rules!  In East Qin, we rely on our strength and our fists to speak. No matter whose woman you are, as long as there is a man that likes her, even if she is married, whoever’s fist is harder will be able to take her!  Tell this prince, who is your husband? This prince will go and fight with him. As long as he loses to this prince, you will belong to me!”

The East Qin Crown Prince patted his thick chest, showing off his strength.  He did have the qualification to be prideful because even if one considered the entire East Qin Country, not a single person dared to fight him.

“Your highness, this is West Chu, not East Qin.”  Chen Ning sharply said.

“So what if it’s West Chu?  Haven’t you still lost to our East Qin Country?  Little girl, you have to know, even if it was your emperor meeting this prince, he would still have to be courteous and respectful.  If he knew that this prince fell in love with a West Chu girl, he would be incomparably happy and would even write an imperial decree for this prince!  But this prince is willing to give you some face and will fight your man in public, taking you from his hands! However, all of your West Chu men are as weak as chickens and cannot be a match for this prince!  So, you will sooner or later become this prince’s woman. How about you just give yourself to this prince now?”

His eyes were filled with light, like there was an endless amount of energy that wanted to be released.  He suddenly grabbed her hand and pulled her into his arms.

She could not stop herself from falling into his embrace.

The East Qin Crown Prince gave a loud laugh and picked her up as he said, “This is a good place, quiet and empty, there definitely will not be anyone around to disturb the good thing between you and this prince.  Wu, there was an annoying fellow that followed us here, but he was still beaten by this prince.”

Chen Ning’s heart suddenly skipped a beat and she asked in an uncaring voice, “What annoying fellow?”

Who is it?  Could it be Mo Chuan.

Thinking of Mo Chuan, her heart began to suddenly heat up.

She silently accepted the East Qin Crown Prince hugging her and did not fight back because she knew that the more she struggled, the more it would excite this man into dominating her.

His martial arts was very good and he himself was very smart, she was definitely not his match.  So, all she could do right now was wait, wait for a good opportunity.

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