Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 595

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Chapter 595: Singing love songs

In an empty, blue sky, there were hawks flying around.  Their chests were filled with hopes and ambitions as they soared towards the sun……

She had never heard this kind of natural and moving singing before.  This beautiful singing voice even made the night sky began to light up.

It was like she lost her mind listening to this.  Her heart flew across the prairie, flying away with the hawks.

“Is my singing good, un?”

That man’s voice suddenly rang in her ears and it was very close.  That hot breath almost shot right into her ears and it surprised her.

She suddenly opened her eyes and she was greeted by a pair of enlarged black, piercing eyes.

His eyes were wild and fierce, with a trace of pride and unruliness.  It was like a cheetah in the jungle with a body covered in a dangerous aura.

Chen Ning realized that she had been completely focused on listening to the song that she didn’t even notice when he had come out of the pool and when he had put on his clothes.  She didn’t even notice when he had appeared beside her.

She did not want to reply to his question, but thinking about it, she said in a serious voice, “Your singing is very good.  Although I didn’t understand the lyrics, I could see a sun rising over a prairie and hawks flying in the sky.”

That man’s eyes lit up and he grinned again, letting out a hearty laugh.  The sharpness in his eyes instantly dispelled.

“You actually understand.  Ha, ha, good, very good, I’m very happy!”

He sat down in front of her and said with a smile, “I’ll sing it for you again.”

After saying this, without waiting for her response, he began singing again.

His singing this time was completely different, it was much deep, gentler, and more beautiful than before.  It was like he was whispering and muttering. The song was filled with faint meanings that were lingering in between the lyrics that people could not help being intoxicated by.

After listening for a while, she felt her heart beat faster and her face could not help turning red.

His words were filled with love, could it be that he was confessing to her?

But she didn’t know him at all!

That man was singing as he slowly approached her.  His eyes watched her without turning, watching the faint blush appear on her face.  His eyes became soft and intoxicating, as there was no more unfamiliarity between them.

His heart couldn’t help feeling proud.

It had to be known that he was famed for having a golden voice and his songs could be considered unique in the world, but the people that had heard him sing was as small as could be.

The love song he sung was very romantic, being able to move any girl’s heart.  There had never been an exception, never!

So he was absolutely certain they he could enamour the girl in front of him.

The love song from his mouth was very gentle and his face revealed a look of love.  His eyes were filled with excitement as he slowly came closer to her and touched her face.

“Become my woman.”  He lowered his voice like his singing voice.

Their surroundings was pure silence.  With a gentle breeze, the petals slowly floated in the air, slowly falling into the pool.  It fell onto their bodies and brought a flower fragrance with it.

Chen Ning suddenly opened her eyes and they were as clear as water, bright and sparkling.  She suddenly looked into his eyes.

Her lips slightly curled and she sarcastically said, “Is this your way of seducing people?  I never thought that the respected your highness, the East Qin Crown Prince would actually use these kinds of roguish moves.  Don’t you feel ashamed by what you said?”

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