Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 594

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Chapter 594: In a good mood

She just used her dark, clear eyes to look at him before closing her eyes.

The black clothed man was stunned.  He thought that she didn’t hear his words, so he spoke in a louder voice.

This feeling of being ignored made him feel very dissatisfied!

He did not know that Chen Ning was too lazy to reply to his dumb question.

She only took a single glance at the black clothed man to know that he didn’t have any killing intent towards her.  His eyes were filled with interest and curiosity.

She opened her eyes as she had already quickly thought of her plan of escape.  She had already guessed this mysterious man’s identity, only she did not know why he took her away and brought her here.

“Who are you?  Why did you bring me here?  What goal do you have? What do you want?”

Chen Ning suddenly opened her eyes and asked a series of questions in a pleasant voice.

The man was stunned, but he suddenly revealed a grin, revealing neat snow white teeth.  Contrasting his pale wheat coloured complexion, it was a dazzling and beautiful sight.

His face was cold and stiff, but once he smiled, his expression became soft and his eyes lit up.  It was like seeing clear blue skies or seeing the sun rise across the horizon on a prairie.

His smile was so bright and straightforward that it was a completely different person from when he wasn’t smiling.

This was Chen Ning’s first time seeing a person undergo such a large change with just a single smile.

It was a pity that his smile only lasted a few seconds before disappearing.

He began to quickly take off his clothes.

Chen Ning was stunned.

What did he want to do?

That man quickly took off his tight black shirt, revealing his arms covered in muscles.  There was a purple hawk tattooed onto his chest that was currently in flight.

After he took off his shirt, he undid his belt and went to take off his pants.

Chen Ning’s acupuncture point had been poked and she could only move her eyes and mouth at this moment.

“Rogue!”  She cursed in her mind.  She tightly closed her eyes and mouth, but her heart was in her throat.

Hearing a “putong” sound, there was warm water that splashed onto her face.  That man had actually jumped into the hot springs.

She finally understood that he stripped to jump into the hot springs for a bath.

“Girl, the water here is very nice, do you want to bathe together?”

The man’s head popped out of the water, revealing a pair of sparkling eyes.  His eyes were still sharp, but they were very pleasing to look at.

He tilted his head up and leaned against the edge of the pool.  His body was buried in the water, only revealing a deep outline on the water’s surface.

Chen Ning did not even spare him a glance.

She was thinking in her heart that Xiao Bai must have noticed that she was missing and he would be trying to find her.  But he never would have imagined that someone would bring her here.

That’s right, Zhui Feng!  He would find Zhui Feng to find her.

But could Zhui Feng find her?

She had a faint glimmer of hope.

Although this man did not have any killing intent towards her, it did not mean that he had any good intentions towards her.

That man was not angry at not receiving a reply from Chen Ning, he just opened his mouth and began to sing.  It was clear that he was in a very good mood and was very relaxed.

His voice was very deep and forceful, with a trace of indescribable magnetism to it.  The melody of the song was very beautiful, but Chen Ning could not understand the meaning of the lyrics.

Although she didn’t understand, that didn’t mean she wasn’t moved by the song.  A picture soon appeared in front of her eyes. There was a bright red sun that was rising in the sky across a vast prairie.

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