Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 596

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Chapter 596: She couldn’t run

That man’s smile suddenly froze in his eyes and they suddenly turned sharp.  He snapped, “What did you say! What your highness, Crown Prince!”

Chen Ning coldly looked at him before her smile disappeared and she closed her eyes.

The man’s large hand suddenly grabbed her chin and shouted once again, “What do you know?  Who are you?”

She opened her eyes and glared at him, “Your highness, Crown Prince, we meet again.  Although your face was covered last time, I can still tell it was you. Smart people do not do secret things.  Since I’ve recognized you, why don’t dare admit it? Could it be that with your highness, the East Qin Crown Prince’s fame, you still do not have the courage to admit it?”

“You!”  The man was stunned by her words.  His brows jumped high up and a strong sense of danger once again enveloped her.

“You are truly brave, could it be that you’re not afraid this prince will not kill you to silence you?”  He spoke in a deep voice as a killing intent appeared in his eyes.

“Of course I’m not afraid.”  She casually replied.

He was stunned.

“What did you say?  You’re not afraid? You really think this prince will not kill you?  I’ll tell you, this prince is not someone that can’t bear to destroy jades!”  His hand slowly came down and it fell onto her beautiful neck, slowly applying pressure.

She just closed her eyes and said nothing.

The East Qin Crown Prince was stunned again.

He indeed had killing intent towards her, but he did not want to kill her immediately.  It was like a cat playing with a mouse, if he didn’t have enough fun, how could he bear to kill her?

But he found that she did not seem to fear death and did not fear him.

It wasn’t that Chen Ning was not afraid of death, but she would rather die than being humiliated by this man.

“As long as you tell me how you recognize this prince, this prince will not kill you.  I will spare you and let you go.” The East Qin Crown Prince loosened the fingers holding onto her neck.

“Will your highness, the Crown Prince keep your promise?”  She suddenly raised one eyebrow.

“This prince will always keep my promise.”

“Then release my acupuncture point and I’ll tell you.”


He was very straightforward and released her acupuncture point.

She was just a weak girl that did not know any martial arts, it was impossible for her to escape his grasp.

But if he can think of it, naturally Chen Ning can also think of it.

She knew that she could not escape, but she did not want to be restrained like a cripple, being vulnerable to bullying.

When her acupuncture point was released, she suddenly sat up and move a bit further from the East Qin Crown Prince.

The East Qin Crown Prince parted his lips and revealed a toothy smile.

He was laughing at her cautious moves.  If he wanted to use force against her, why would he wait until now?  He would have done what he wanted to do already.

But with his identity, he was not willing to force anyone.  This matter was only interesting if the other side did it willingly.

“The first time I saw you, I knew you were not a member of the West Chu Country because the first phrase you said was ‘Kubaximilatu’.  That was your first reaction and it should be the language you’re most familiar with. If my guess isn’t wrong, you were speaking the East Qin language and you were asking me ‘Tell me, who are you?’.  Although you immediately changed to the West Chu language and you spoke in a fluent manner, I could still tell that it wasn’t your mother tongue.”

Chen Ning looked at him, speaking in a calm voice.

The East Qin Crown Prince’s expression revealed no surprise.  His brows slightly raised and he said, “Is there anything else?”

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