Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 593

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Chapter 593: Hawk like man

That black clothed man had suddenly arrived and suddenly.  This entire process occurred in the blink of an eye and no one noticed it at all.

Even Chu Shao Bai not far away from the stone bridge did not notice a thing.

When the mirror fell to the ground, the citizens around them had exploded into thunderous applause.

Chen Ning was being held in this black cloth man’s embrace, only feeling an unending coldness coming from him, so cold that her teeth kept chattering.  This man ran incredibly fast, even faster than horses, but even with how fast he was running, she did not feel any shocks at all.

Only her entire person was covered in the black cloak and it was pure darkness in front of her.  She did not know where this mysterious person was taking her and did not know what his goal was.

She was only clear on a certain point, the one who took her was a tall and bulky man who had a low body temperature, one that was completely below the body temperature of a normal person.

Without knowing how long passed, the black clothed man finally stopped moving and a sulphur smell entered her nose.

Then light filled her eyes as the black clothed man took off the cloak and placed her onto a stone bench.

She looked over and saw a familiar scene, as well as a familiar smell entering her nose.  She knew exactly where she was right now.

This was the royal palace’s other yard that Mo Chuan took her to!

But this mysterious black clothed person was definitely not Mo Chuan.

Why did he bring her here?  Who was he?

That man took off his cloak and revealed a tight fitting black outfit.  He was very tall and fit. The red light shined down on his face, revealing his sculpted features.

He had a pair of hawk like sharp eyes that were cold and piercing, but he had a free and unrestrained aura around him.  When people saw him, they would think of a beautiful hawk flying through the sky.

This was a hawk like man and also a complete stranger.

Chen Ning dared to guess that she had never met him before!

But once she saw someone, she would never forget them.

That black clothed man stood beside her, looking down on her.  Those hawk like eyes did not blink once.

Her eyes were clear and bright, just like a clear spring.  When he looked at her, he could almost see his own figure being reflected in her eyes.

The way he kidnapped her, if it was any other girl, they would have fainted already.  However, she did not reveal the slightest bit of fear on her face. Her eyes…..were still as beautiful as the first time he saw them!

The black clothed man rubbed his chin and looked over her.  This girl was very strange.

She was as delicate as a flower that could be blown over with a single breeze, but her emotions was like a bamboo that would never bend.

Interesting, truly interesting.

He stared at her for a bit before undoing her acupuncture point.

“Hey, little girl, why aren’t you afraid of me?”  He deliberately opened his eyes, revealing a fierce appearance.

Actually, even if he did not speak and did nothing, there was a bone chilling cold aura around him that made people shiver.  Everyone that had seen him before, not a single person dared to look into his eyes. They would all unconsciously look down and their bodies would tremble.

This girl was an exception.

After he finished, he expectantly waited for Chen Ning’s answer.

Who would have thought that when Chen Ning’s mute acupuncture point was pressed, she wouldn’t talk.  When her mute acupuncture point was undone and she could speak, she still did not say a word.

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